Sunday, August 30, 2009

What has been going on....

Its been a while since I updated this bad boy. Lotsa things and events had created this long hiatus from updating. It doesn't help also that I'm also a lazy bum. Yep, I said it myself. Sheeshh....

Let me try to ease myself back into the groove. Where do I start? Here we go...

No 1: Got a new Tune & loving the sound of it everyday
I left my old job at Shell in April & joined a new mobile provider Tune Talk as a Finance Executice. It's a new player in the mobile network industry. So, the whole adventure of being with a start up and a new mobile company is interesting. Tune Talk just like Celcom, Digi, Maxis etc..but totally different. Working at Tune Talk is totally different then my previous workplace where at TT you are given more freedom to express yourself through your work and in return the company just wants you to deliver what they ask of you. Totally a 360 from the rigid and shackeled working life at Shell Shared Service Centre - Kuala Lumpur Sdn Bhd. I'm still grateful for the experience and great friends I've gained during my time at SSSC-KL but Im thankful to move on to a hopefully a great company. For more information on Tune Talk, go to Also, my Tune Talk number is 010 - 505 000. How cool is that?..hehe..

No 2: I finally got married....
Wedding in Shah Alam

On 24th July 2009, I got married. The lucky lady comes by the name of Noor Azhani Binti Shamsudin.
The akad nikah was held at Azhani's in Bandar Baru Bangi after Asar prayers. With 1 lafaz of the Akad (maintaining the proud record of the Shah Alam guys) & also being kadi - ed by Azhani,'s dad I was now a married man.
The event was very nerve wrenching. The imam had this bright idea of asking me 10 questions before proceeding with the akad nikah. My mind was totally blank and my nerves got the best of me eventhough the questions were very easy. But being a true warrior, I pulled myself together and got the job done.
The receptions were held on 25th & 26th of July 09 (the following days after nikah). Both events were beautiful and was great to share them with friends & family.

More pictures can be found at the official photog's website. Click here.

No. 3 : Passing my ACCA exam in August 2009

During the hectic period of preparing for my wedding, I sat for my ACCA paper and alhamdulillah pass the paper. I really was preparing for the worst as I did not prepared myself this time around due to just started working at Tune Talk and also with all the wedding preparation taking up my time.

Only started preparing for the exams 2 days before exam day. Its beyond me that I passed the paper and I am grateful to Allah almighty for giving this rezeki. Alhamdulillah.
Btw, I got 51 marks. Yeah, pass nasib but still a pass..hehehe...

I am looking forward every day for what is installed. Life is great and it must be lived to the fullest....

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