Sunday, November 29, 2009

United close the gap to Chelsea with win over Pompey

Wazza wheeling off to celebrate his second goal

A Wayne Rooney hat-trick and a peach of a free kick from Giggsy capped off a solid performance by Manchester United in their chase to close the gap with Chelsea. Portsmouth scored their goal from the penalty spot from Kevin Prince Boateng after a dodgy decision by the linesman. United won the match 4 - 1 on Avram Grant's 1st game in charge at Fratton Park.

Giggsy celebrating his 100th EPL goal and Utd's 4th with hattrick hero Wazza

Giggsy was the man of the match in my eyes as he constantly terrorised the Pompey defence and it was a fitting birthday present for the United legend who will celebrate his 36th birthday today.

Bullard's Celebration of The Season

Bullard re-enacting Phil Brown's half time on the pitch team talk

Also, the celebration from Jimmy Bullard was the best goal celebration by far this season. He mocked the telling off done by his manager at Hull, Phil Brown at the same fixture last year.

Phil Brown's infamous on pitch half time team talk from last season

My Posting is In The Top 10 of Innit @ Nuffang

Thank you Innit @ Nuffnang. Thank you too to the readers and visitors to my posting that made it a Top 10 at Innit. I did not know that a simple posting would put me into the Top 10.

If you are wondering which posting it is.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tune Talk Reaches 200,000th Subscribers. Now We're Talking!

Tune Talk, the newest prepaid mobile service with the lowest rates (22 sen per minute calls & 5 sen per sms to all networks) last week reached its 200,000th subscriber since its launch on 19th August 2009. We had a party to celebrate this at Souled Out Restaurant & Bar at Desa Sri Hartamas.

 Souled Out Restaurant & Bar at Desa Sri Hartamas

Jason Lo, our CEO at Tune Talk presented the lucky 100,000th & 200,000th subscriber with prizes and then had a press conference to mark this occassion. J mentioned that we are targeting to achieve our 400,00th sub by year end.

Jason attending to questions posed by the Press

Prize presentation to the lucky winners....congrats!

I did not stay long after the press oncference and prize giving as I had to fetch my very pregnant wife from work. But I did get to have some of the food and mingled with some guest before making my way. Here are some pictures from the event.


Now I know who not to go against if there is a limbo rock contest..hehe....

Does look a little bit like Nas and acting like him, dont you think?

 "Bo, there are some nice chicks here, *grin*", says Ed.

That really looks like Khairil, dont you think?

Me with Ed. "Dude, what are you pointing at?"

Do Blog Traffic Exchange Sites Really Increase Your Traffic?

I was busy reading postings in Innit@Nuffnang and then wondered whether there are other sites similar to Innit. So, I started googling under the search blog traffic sites and came across a few sites. Some of them dont really promote your postings like Nuffnang but rather promote your blog in exchange you reading other members blogs. Fair enough.

Some of the popular traffic exchange sites that I have found are:
I am still experimenting on seeing how these sites would help me make my site reach more people. I will also admit by increasing the traffic to my site would directly increase the clicks of my blog.

But whatever it is, the passion to write and tell my story is the main focus of Bo is a Nerd. I just need to keep that in me and will be safe.

    Friday, November 27, 2009

    Pros & Cons of Owning Credit Cards

    Is it true that credit cards are evil? They can be the devil when it is used wrongly and recklessly. I do agree that extended credit should not be granted to all people. It's something like not giving an alcoholic another drink when they are drunk. When more alcohol is given, more damage and harm will be done.That is the same with people with reckless spending habits.

    However, when credit cards are used in the right way, it can be a big help and also brings some other benefits. Before I share with you how I use my credit cards, I'll give a short summary on the pros & cons of owning creadit cards.

    • Helps to build your credit rating and credit history
    It is easier for you to apply for a loan when you have a good credit history. The key word here is "good". The bad or good of your credit history is how you meet your bills, whether its on time, full payment or late payments or not even bothering to pay them at all. Banks & financial institutions would check this criteria whenever you try to apply for a loan.

    • Convenience During Emergencies (Buying the latest Jimmy Choo's doesn't count as an emergency)
    Lets just say your car is low on petrol but you only have a couple of Ringgits, some lint, a few business cards and your credit card in your wallet. And added bonus to this combo is that there is no ATM machine in site. This is where the credit card is handy. Its also handy in terms of not needing to lug around a whole twad of cash and making you a target for potential thieves.

    • Online Purchasing
    The internet has changed the whole way of shopping and payments. Take me for an example. I am usually lame with payments for my ACCA exam entry fees. If I pay through telegraphic transfer or bank draft, it may take a couple of days. So, I pay online using my trusty credit card. Some sellers also offer rebates, discounts or other money saving offers when you purchase online.
    Flight tickets and utlity bills are some other items that credit cards are frequently used for.

    • Even can help you get some extra cash 
    Yup. It can make you earn back some money. This one I will tell you more in  a later posting that I will do "How I Use My Credit Cards".
    •  Rewards and Cash Rebates
    Some credit cards attach themselves to certain companies and their products. For example, I have a credit card that I took up just to take advantage of instant cash rebates given on petrol and it also has rebates for grocery shopping at the 3 big hyper-markets in Malaysia. That makes me happy.


    • Wreck Your Credit History & Credit Ratings
    In the top part, I mentioned that it can help you in terms of obtaining a loan etc. But if it used wrongly, it can ruin your whole credit ratings. It can come to a point that the mention of your name automatically denies you a loan. That would really stink.

    • Being Burdened by A Financial Obligation
    It is fine when you get paid (through salary) and then you would be able to pay your credit card bills. But what if you get laid off from your job and with no other means of income. This would put you in deep shit. You would be blacklisted by the banks and financial institutions.

    • Ruins Your Life and Effects Others
    When credit cards are misused, people will feel pressured with the debt that is not hanging around their necks. The mounting credit card debts might make some people to turn to illegal financial helps such as loan sharks or Ah Long. Loan sharks can provide you with the money needed but the interest that they set for the "assistance" that they're providing is way more than interest charged by banks.

    These loan sharks would not stop at nothing to get their money back. They will start to terrorise your family, friends and even those people that just know you by name.

    There you go. Before you decide to fill in and send in that credit card application form, make sure what it is for and determine whether you are reasonable enough to own one.

    Let me know your views on this. Is having a credit card evil?

    Thursday, November 26, 2009

    Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Aidiladha

    Wishing all Muslims followers and all around the world;

    Top 10 Best 80's Cartoons

    Those that were born in the 80's and spent your Saturday morning's would agree that the cartoons were the best. I still remember dragging myself out of bed just to watch "The Thunderbirds" or "The Wacky Races". In my pyjamas, a bowl of cereal or sometimes nasi lemak and Milo and just watch the cartoons as time passes by. Those were the days. Beautiful.

    Here I have compiled a Top 10 list of the best 80's cartoons. The list is not SATURDAY cartoons, but cartoons that appeared during the 80's. Maybe some are not on your list and some might. Here they are:

    No. 10: Captain Caveman & son

    No. 9: Spiral Zone

    No. 8: The Wacky Races

    No.7: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    No. 6: Silverhawks

    No. 5 : Smurfs

    No. 4: M.A.S.K.

    No.3: Thundercats


    No. 2: Voltron

    No.1: Transformers

    It was a hard choice between Thundercats & Voltron for the No 2 spot. Both were damn good.

    So, here is mine. Let me know what is your's. Whatever it is, 80's cartoons rock!

    Empire State of Mind..........Jigga Man's best video yet....

    I have been a fan of Jay Z's work for a long time. His work always shows style and class. This also reflects in his personal life.

    The latest two hits that Shawn Corey Carter aka Jay Z aka Hova has produced Run This Town (feat. Rihanna) & Empire State of Mind featuring the ever alluring Alicia Keys have proven that his decision to come back was the best thing that has happened to the music world. Welcome back Jay.

    The video for "Empire State of Mind" is simply work of class and style. Enjoy.

    15 minutes That Shooked the World

    Seeing how Liverpool FC (my fav club arch rivals) were dumped out of the UEFA Champions League at the group stages last night, I wondered how ever did Rafa Benitez pulled off that stunning win in the same competition final in Istanbul four years ago.

    Liverpool were playing against the mighty Italian side AC Milan and trailing 3 - 0 at halftime. They went on to level the game and won the Champions League in Istanbul after a penalty shoot out.

    Now, I just found what went on in the dressing room during half time. It was dubbed as ......
    "15 minutes that Shooked The World"

    Tuesday, November 24, 2009

    Tune Talk Futsal: The Rematch

    Tune Talk Old Farts 16
    Young Tuners 10

    The rematch was on right after last week's loss. The talk for the whole week among the old farts was how we would shut out the young Tuners and the sweet taste of victory that we will have after this rematch.

    This time we had a secret weapon that was not available during our 1st match, that was Jason Lo aka J Lo, who is our boss at Tune Talk. He was itching to get even with the young Tuners. He went a bit bonkers when we told him we lost the first game and initially wanted the game to be played on Friday the same week.

    J Lo loosening up before kick off

    The kids were giving me stick the whole week. Ribbings like, "How does it feel to lose?" ,"How old do you feel?" and the best one "Abang, are you ready to lose again on Monday?" from the kids just G'd me up more for the match.

    Matchday came on Monday. I got in the morning but I still went to work just to get to play in the match. That was how bersemangat I was.When I got to the office, the guys were already noticing that I was sick and told me to go back and rest. Jason saw me & said to me, "see the doc,sleep it off and then come back for the game". Boy, was I glad to hear that cos' I couldn't even keep my eyes open. So, I went back and got some shut eye.

    The match came around. The smack talk and stare downs mean nothing now. It was a now to do the talking on the pitch. I got a bit well but not totally. Just enough to get to the pitch.

    Me doing the sumo-stretch during the warm up.....

    Early on, the old farts started to stamp their authority on the match. The young Tuners were just being bounced all over the place. It was not a surprise to see the old farts taking a sizeable lead at 7 - 3 after half an hour of play. Jason, Edmond, Ari and Dennis were the top performers for the team.

    "That guy at the other court looks cute huh Veron", says Annie.

    Then a few changes among the Old Farts team gave the young Tuners the chance to get back into the game and it was 10-9 at one point.

    The heat of the game got a bit too much for the young Tuners Captain Marvel, Darren as he got a bit annoyed with some of his team mates. This was just where we wanted them. Under pressure and bikering among themselves. Easy meat.

    "Get your bums moving, you old timers you", says Jason".

    Ari & Edmond were terrorising the young Tuner's defence and Dennis was keeping tight at the back by marking Darrent closely. Alfie and Jason Ramesh were stopping everything that were thrown to them.

    Nasron, Kharil, SK, Adie and I took turns with the 1st five whenever they needed to get some air.

    Then, the old farts got a second wind (some of it came out the other end, if you know what I mean) and we scored a few more goals and made the final score 16 - 10. Game over.

    At the end, the victory was ours. It was sweet. The young Tuners played well but they knew they had come up against a solid and eager TT Old Farts team.

    A 3rd deciding game is surely on the cards (set for another 2 weeks time as this is being written) to finally decide who is the best team in Tune Talk. Bring em' on!

    The TT Old Farts Team: Jason Ramesh, Alfie, Edmond, Jason Lo, SK, Nasron, Adie, Bo, Ari and Dennis.


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