Thursday, April 29, 2010

First Google Adsense Payment

Last month, I started putting Google Adsense on my site and it reached the cashout amount i.e. USD 100. Yesterday, I checked my account and surprise surprise....I can get my money out through Western Union Money Transfer.

You can also choose to use cheque as mode of payment but you will be charged roughly RM70 for service fees and it takes around 45 days from cashout date to get the earnings. I didn't get charged on anything and only waited since 31 March for this earning. I brought along the  payment statement from Google and fill in the form and submitted to the nearest Western Union agent and in 10 minutes....voila...RM 322.40 (USD 102.56) was in my hands.

I guess this is the "rezeki" of my newborn son, Muhammad Kaisan. Hopefully, Adsense will be a recurring and stable income like my nuffnang earnings.

Adsense & nuffnang rocks!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ini anak saya...Muhammad Kaisan

Kawan-kawan, aku nak memperkenalkan anak sulong saya, Muhammad Kaisan. Kaisan dalam bahasa Arab membawa maksud "Yang Bijaksana". Tersebut di dalam hadith (di beritahu oleh Imam Masjid Negeri Selangor) bahawa Kaisan ini nama salah seorang sahabat Rasulullah.

Muhammad Kaisan lahir pada 6:50 pagi di Pusat Perubatan Az-Zahrah Bandar Baru Bangi. Panjang badan 51sm dan berat 2.82 kg. Di harapkan lahirnya Kaisan ni akan membawa rezeki dan cahaya ke hidup kami. Amin.
Hari pertama Muhammad Kaisan

Nenda Rosnah memberi susu pada Muhammad Kaisan

Muhammad Kaisan

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Warehouse Sale

You just got your paycheck, got money to spend and your bored. How about going to warehouse sales.

Yeah. Sometimes these places don't really have good stuff but once in a while you might find something that would be a great deal.

Click the link below for details, locations and dates of these warehouse sales. Happy shopping.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tune Talk Bonus Prepaid

The nation's newest mobile prepaid with the lowest FLAT rate at 16 sen per minute is giving a RM 1 bonus to all their subscribers for every RM 5 top up. Meaning, if you top up for RM 5 you will get RM 1, if you top up RM 30 you'll get RM 6. I think this is a good deal on top of the lowest rate for calls and sms.

More information can be found at

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Frustrations and disappointments

This totally reflects on how I feel these days. Don't get me wrong but I am really excited in anticipating the birth of my first child. My first son at that. That makes it way much cooler. I pray everyday that the delivery goes well and that both mother and son will be healthy.

But I am kinda a little bit disappointed on how some people around me treat me. I am usually one of those guys that if you look at me for the first time, you'll think I am a snobbish guy and whatsoever that comes along with that assumption. Well, I think once you get to know me, Im kinda bearable.

To those who know me, they usually misunderstood me. For example, when I try make an effort on knowing what my friends are up to these days, I'll just be laughed at and would usually be teased on it. I get a lot of stick for that. Well, at least I know what to talk about when I meet these people. I hope they think that I am a good friend for taking a bit of my daily time to know whats happening in their lives.

Another issue is, I am not appreciated in my efforts in trying to make things work or better for others. Well, I am thinking of just stopping helping out others. Just be more kiasu and focus on myself and my very young family. I need to do this because in the end I'll just be left frustrated and disappointed. 

Well, thats it. From now on, I'll just say NO.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair

Wanna have a good time and win some great prizes while doing it? Visit the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair. Where and when you ask? Here you go.

See you there! 
Dont miss it!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Musical chairs atas Federal Highway

Hari ni dalam driving nak balik rumah, ternampak lori ni bawak kerusi-kerusi plastik susun tinggi menggunung. Yang aku pelik tu kenapa tak susun rendah lagi sebab ada aje space untuk susun kerusi tu. Kalau jatuhlah keluar lori tu, naya karang sesiapa yang terkena.

Korang rasa kerusi-kerusi ini berterabur tak atas jalan?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cari extra income guna bakat yang ada...

Aku selalu dengar kawan-kawan mengeluh tak cukup duit, gaji tak cukup, harga barang naik tapi gaji tak naik dan macam-macam lagi. Basically, diorang mengeluh sebab gaji tak cukup.

Tapi pernah ke korang pernah terfikir yang kita boleh guna bakat-bakat atau skil yang ada pada kita untuk cari extra income setiap bulan? Walaupun takdelah best macam ada business sendiri atau jadi boss, tetapi sekurang-kurangnya ada lebih sekeping dua duit dalam wallet dari wallet kosong.

Pengalaman aku dulu masa time belajar aku buat kerja catering part time. Memang ada orang rasa kerja tu rendah atau leceh, tapi korang tahu tak selalunya server catering nih selalunya boleh dapat RM30 - RM 100 untuk satu acara? Kalau satu weekend kerja satu acara aje dapat..hhmm..katakan RM50, sebulan dah RM 200. Itu baru 1 acara, kalau rajin pergi 3-4 acara satu weekend, dah berapa dah tu? Pengalaman aku dulu, aku alhamdulillah boleh dapat RM500-800 sebulan. Siapa nak bagi tu, especially pada student cam aku.

Satu lagi cara aku cari extra income ialah aku jadi coach tenis. Aku dulu ada lah wakil tenis untuk negeri masa time sekolah menengah dan ada juga masuk tournament. Aku guna skil dan pengalaman aku main tenis dengan buat tenis kelas untuk budak sekolah dan orang dewasa yang nak belajar tenis. Dahlah suka tenis, dapat sihat kan badan & paling best dapat extra income. Sekarang aku ingat nak start balik ajar tenis kalau ada yang minat. Aku memang tengah cari students. Kalau ada yang berminat, bagitaulah ye.

itu bukan aku (gambar hiasan)

So, itulah. Lebih baik kita kreatif sikit dalam cari duit extra daripada asyik mengeluh. Mungkin ada yang boleh jual dadih ke (hantar kat kedai dekat rumah), tolong type document untuk orang lain (selalunya student selalu cari orang yang sanggup buat kerja ni), ambil gambar untuk surat khabar dan macam-macam lagi. Apalagi, berhenti mengeluh dan usahalah.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The lure of the iPhone and its apps

Lately, Digi has been aggressively promoting its iPhone 3GS. I think their ads are really effective because even I am contemplating of getting one for myself. Let me tell you that I never like the phone and only think of it as an accessory or fad item. I am more of a practical & " I only need the neccessary & practicality is the best" type of guy. Yeah, boring. My current phone is the Nokia E71. The E71 is practical, sturdy and so far for me, complete.

But lately, the variety types of applications that is available on the iPhone (seen on the Digi ads) has made me re-think my views on this Apple creation. The apps (from my short research) can range from the most incredible to the uttermost silly.

I am doing my research on how to get my hands on an affordable iPhone that would at least satisfy my curiosity on this supposedly great creation of Apple. Should I get a basic old generation version or go for the latest and break the bank while I'm at it? The hunt is still on.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Movie Review: How To Train Your Dragon

Movie date with the wife before she delivers our first child in a couple of weeks. So, we decided to go for Dreamworks' latest offering "How To Train Your Dragon".

Superb storyline, brilliant animations, amazing imagination and great fun. Those are my words to describe this movie. We went for this movie not thinking that it would be that great but left being in awe of the whole movie.

The movie is set in the Viking town called Berk and is about Hiccup (voiced by Jay Baruchel) who is the son of the Viking Leader, Stoick (Gerrard Butler). Hiccup, who looks weak compared to the other vikings who are burley and gruff. He happened to accidently caught a Night Fury, a dragon that he later named Toothless.

Hiccup, who is also an apprentice blacksmith to Gobber (Craig Ferguson) was taught that killing dragons is the viking way of life. He later on learned that this is not really it should be after developing a relationship with Toothless. He learnt the ways of the dragons and became a sort of friend to them. Hiccup also made a love connection with a tomboy Viking, Astrid (America Ferrara). Romance part, check!

The storyline just makes your inner child take over. Although the Scottish accent isn't exactly correct (it's totally incorrect, Vikings are Scandinavians for crying out loud!), but just take a second and realize that this is a kid's movie that will surely make you reconnect with your inner child. The imagination put into the movie, for example the silly looking dragons would also make your imagination wonder.

A great movie to bring your kids and the whole family.  And I promise you that you'll have fun too. I promise.

P/s: The movie was really fun that even my unborn child did not stop moving in his mum's belly. Brilliant.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kita masih lagi ketinggalan....

Pagi tadi, isteri aku ajak pergi makan McDonald's breakfast set. Memandangkan dia pun tak lama lagi nak deliver (14 May) & aku pun ada free coupon McD, so aku pun penuhi permintaan dia. Nanti bila dah berpantang, dia tak boleh makan semua-semua ni. Nama pun berpantang. Kitorang suami isteri pun pergilah McDonald's Giants Sek 13 Shah Alam, sebab lepas tu nak beli barang-barang rumah.

Fast forward, bila time nak order, aku tengok budak perempuan yang jaga kaunter tu macam dah ready nak ambil order. So, aku pun mula lah nak order. Baru tiga patah perkataan aku sebut, budak tu bersuara. Nak tahu budak tu kata apa? "Encik boleh bersabar tak? Sabar sikit boleh? Saya tak bersedia lagi untuk ambil order". Pergghh. Hanya Allah aje yang tahu macam mana panas hati aku masa tu. Aku tak buat kecoh sebab wife aku yang mengandung 8 bulan di sebelah and tak nak dia susah hati. Aku pun senyap aje.

Lepas order aku dah siap, aku bawak ke meja, baru aku sedar yang hash brown pulak takde. So, aku pergi balik pada kaunter untuk mintak.Budak perempuan yang sama boleh tanya balik pada aku "Encik dah makan kot?" Apalagi, terus aku sound. "I am not that cheap to do that & awak ni kurang ajar".

Terus manager dia datang, tanya apa yang terjadi. Manager tu pun terus bagi satu lagi set free pada aku dan minta maaf bagi pihak staff dia tu. Budak perempuan tu tunduk aje. Tak nak pulak minta maaf.

Set free Big Breakfast McD

Pada aku, orang kita masih lagi jauh di belakang negara-negara maju dalam aspek layanan pelanggan (customer service).  Mungkin tenaga-tenaga pekerja yang melayan pelanggan ni tak pernah dengar concept "The customer is always right" ataupun " Service with a smile".

Kita pelanggan yang membayar (paying customer), so kita expect layanan pun elok-elok lah. Bukan hendak di layan macam raja, tetapi layanan dengan senyuman dan sopan cukuplah. Nasihat aku, kalau tak nak buat kerja melayan customer, janganlah buat kerja bidang ini.

P/S: Itulah, dulu mak ayah hantar sekolah tak nak belajar rajin-rajin, sibuk cari pakwe.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Fantasy Premier League for Week 34

I have picked my team for this week i.e Weak 34. No changes in terms of transfers but only to the starting 11. I have put in Damien Duff (Fulham) replacing Pavyulchenko (Spurs). Others are still as last week's lineup.

Tevez continues as my captain as he is in form and Shay Given is in between the sticks instead of Almunia because of the London Derby (Arsenal - Spurs).  These London Derbies are usually  tight games & Spurs' strikeforce is quite formidable these days.

Here is my team for this week (Week 34).

Let me know what you think and how your team looks like.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Betul ke nak kahwin nih?

Kerja yang stabil -Okay
Kereta atau ada sedikit harta - Okay
Simpanan wang - Okay
Girlfriend yang sedap mata memandang, baik & memahami - Okay
Parents dah tanya "Bila nak bagi cucu?" - Oooooookaaayyy
Checklist atas tu boleh di gunakan panduan untuk tahu samada dah ready untuk kahwin atau tidak. Tapi betul ke itu aje yang perlu untuk tahu samada dah ready atau tidak untuk kahwin.

Ada isu-isu lain yang yang tak boleh nampak di mata yang perlu di fikirkan. Benda-benda ni selalunya tak di fikirkan orang bila nak menikah. Selalunya yang di fikirkan duit hantaran, barang hantaran, duit untuk buat majlis atau pun kebebasan selepas kahwin nanti. Antara benda lain yang perlu di fikirkan:

  • Kurangkan tahap ego. Kena mula bertimbang rasa pada pasangan.
  • Sedar berkahwin ni satu partnership. Talking and listening is important.
  • Kahwin ni bukan hal main-main macam break lepas tu baik balik semula.
  • Emotional pun kena pandai jaga. Kekadang kalau ikut perasaan, hancurlah relationship.
  • Tanggungjawab lebih. Kalau lelaki, bila dah kahwin nanti kena tanggung dosa isteri dan anak-anak.
Mungkin ada lagi benda yang aku tertinggal, tapi benda penting aku nak sampaikan ni ialah kalau nak kahwin, make sure dah betul-betul ready. Tak boleh agak-agak ready, terus decide nak kahwin.

p/s: Tergerak nak tulis entri nih sebab perjalanan seorang kawan yang sepatutnya sampai ke jinjang pelamin tak kesampaian. Itulah namanya takde jodoh.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Dulu lain, sekarang lain....

Dulu masa kecik-kecik, duduk kat kampung memang senang nak cari benda nak isi masa lapang. Mesti ada aje musim untuk setiap permainan. Dulu yang aku ingat aku memang enjoy main macam lawan gasing, rounders, chopping, perang layang-layang, guli, lala dan kekadang terselit gak aktiviti memancing takpun pergi lubuk cari ikan laga. Apalagi, laga ikan lah. Bila dah besar sikit, baru tahu berdosa lawan ikan nih. Insaf, insaf.

Ikan siam bertarung

Yang paling aku teringat masa musing perang layang-layang, kalau yang lagi terer perang guna wau. Rangka layang-layang takde nak beli siap macam budak-budak sekarang. Dulu pi masuk hutan, cari buluh yang baik punya, aku tak ingat tali guna tali apa tapi aku ingat lagi kitorang pecahkan mentol sampai jadi serpih kecil. Bila dah cukup halus, salut tali layang-layang tu dengan serpih kaca tadi guna gam. Jangan gatal-gatal nak pegang tali tu, mesti tangan luka-luka.

Siapa kalah pi kutip balik layang-layang

Bila dah siap, apalagi, ajak lah perang dengan layang-layang geng lain. Lepas naikkan layang-layang, biar tali layang-layang bergesel sesama tali. Mula lah tarik layang-layang tu, bagi putus tali layang-layang lawan. Siapa terputus tu kalah lah. Kenalah kejar pergi kutip layang-layang tu. Pernah sekali layang-layang yang terputus tu masuk Balai Polis Kamunting. Takde siapa yang berani nak masuk. Polis ada pistol, takut geng.

Itulah pengalaman aku jadi budak kampung, main game yang simple tapi enjoyable. Bila aku tengok budak sekarang, ada yang tergantung PSP kat leher, takpun Gameboy, takpun ada PS3, XBox kat rumah. Takde nak keluar rumah, jumpa dan buat kawan-kawan baru.

Nanti bila baby boy aku dah cukup besar, aku mesti nak ajar dia game-game simple yang aku pernah main. Biar dia belajar having fun tak semestinya kena pakai banyak duit.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Fantasy Premier League for Week 33

I have done my transfers for this week. The big game between Manchester United & Chelsea I think would not give to much points to the Chelsea players that I have (Malouda & Drogba), but I will keep them for this week.

I have selected Carlos Tevez as my captain for this week seeing that he scored a hat-trick last week. Pavlyuchenko is my filler striker. Hope he gets points here and there.

Vermaelan comes back into my first 11 after sitting out last week due to suspension.
Only made 1 transfer for this week. Replaced Downing with Kranjcar.

Let me know how your team looks like for Week 33 & rate me team too.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tune Talk is now at 16 cents per minit FLAT Rate Nationwide!!!

Nope. This is not an April Fool's Joke!!!!

Tune Talk, the newest mobile network operator is offering the lowest FLAT rate of 16 cents to ALL Networks! Yup. ALL Networks!! You dont have to be part of a group of friends of 8 people, 15 people or whatever. You can make your calls to anyone and to any network at 16 cents per minute.

Previously, Tune Talk introduced its rates as the lowest rate in the country at 22 cents/minute and 5 cents per sms since its launch on 19th August 2009. Now, Tune Talk is doing one step better by offering its subscribers the lowest FLAT rate in the country to ANY network at 16 cents/minute and 5 cent/sms.
Tune Talk rides on Celcom network, so coverage is definitely nationwide and definitely not a problem. So, what are you waiting for. Get your Tune Talk number from Tune Talk's website or your nearest mobile dealer.

Now We're Talking!!

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