Monday, August 30, 2010

NameWee is looking for cheap publicity.....again.

Happy Birthday Malaysia!!!

This guy is again creating a bit of a stir in the midst of us celebrating our 53rd Independence. His latest video is kinda like a retaliation to the racial issue that was caused by a headmaster of a public school last week, which I have to admit was really poor judgment on behalf of the headmaster. Instead of being a person to look up to and guidance of the whole school, he blundered big time with something that he shouldn't say. But, I think the whole matter is already dealt with by those in power in the Ministry of Education.

Coming back to this guy, who first created a nuisance with his total disrespect of the "Negaraku" anthem, I really hope the proper authorities really throw the book to him this time around. If no action is taken, then I'm afraid he'll continue to create tension among Malaysians.

I am also really intrigued to know whether this guy has deep-lying issues that makes him act in this way. Maybe he has daddy issues, maybe he was dropped on his head when he was a baby or maybe he wears that stupid hat to hide the fact that he has a large gaping hole where his brain used to be (last know location of his brain: halfway to the sun due to humiliation of association).

We'll never know.

Let the proper authorities take care of this insect & focus on improving our lives. Let's celebrate Malaysia's 53rd Merdeka. Remember the sacrifices that our leaders of the past and also of those that came before us made in order for us to have this freedom.

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

P/s: No picture of this guy was put up because this blog is trying to keep a certain high level of integrity and class.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nice haircut but....

M. Selvakumar, 15 year old from Sentul

Found this picture of a young dude showing off his very patriotic haircut. I applaud his gesture as our country will be celebrating it's 53rd Merdeka anniversary but there is a question for him. He is 15 years old, so I assume he is in Form 3. 

Don't you go to school?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Perlu ke Smart Tag?

Gambar ehsan dari Google

Akhirnya beli juga Smart Tag aku sendiri selepas beberapa lama berkongsi dengan isteri. Di sebabkan dia pun nak guna (memang dia punya pun), aku pun akhirnya terpaksa beli satu untuk kegunaan harian. Kalau takde Smart Tag ni, mahu sangkut lama aku kat tol (terutama sekali Tol Batu Tiga & Tol Sungai Besi).

Aku beli di pejabat PLUS NKVE (exit Subang Jaya) dengan harga RM 130. Dapat Smart Tag unit satu dan juga free kad Touch N' Go yang ada nilai RM 10. Aku dah ada kad Plus Miles, so aku simpan kad baru ni sebagai emergency. Manalah tahu sesak-sesak nanti boleh pakai.

Perkara yang aku nak tanya, perlu ke ada Smart Tag? Aku tahu aku dah explain boleh elak beratur extra panjang kat tol, tapi perlu ke ada lagi-lagi keadaan sekarang dengan kereta banyak di jalan raya?

Ada yang kata, kalau dah ada kad Touch N Go pun dah cukup. Lain pulak yang kata kalau ada Smart Tag boleh potong line terus (& juga boleh eksyen kat pemandu lain).

Pakai kad Touch n' Go pun dah cukup?

So, apa pendapat korang? Perlu ke guna Smart Tag dalam hidupan harian kita? Rugi ke untung pakai Smart Tag ni?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tahniah Tune Talk!!!

Hari ini Tune Talk menyambut hari ulang tahun pertama. Pada tahun lepas, 19 August 2010 Tune Talk di lancarkan di Hangar Pesawat Air Asia di LCCT. Banyak perkara yang di lalui sepanjang 1 tahun kami beroperasi. Walaupun Tune Talk masih lagi kecil berbanding "big boys" lain dalam industri telco mobile, kami masih berusaha untuk mencapai tahap mereka dan jadi terbaik.

Untuk meraikan hari yang gilang gemilang ni, Tune Talk menawarkan panggilan percuma di antara talian Tune Talk dan 10% kredit bonus bila top up RM 10 ke atas. Top up lah cepat.

Pengguna Tune Talk juga akan mendapat:
  • The lowest call and sms rates at 16 sen/minute & 5 sen/sms kepada mana-mana network & bila-bila masa.
  • 100k PA Insurance from Etiqa Maybank.
  • Peluang memenangi voucher penerbangan percuma dari Air Asia setiap hari.
  • dan berbagai lagi.
Tunggu apa lagi??!! Dapatkan sim pack Tune Talk anda dari pengedar terdekat atau tempah nombor and di dan nikmatilah kelebihan-kelebihan ini.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kaisan's 1st Shopping Trip

Our son, Muhammad Kaisan is almost 4 months and he has outgrown most of his clothes. So, why not we take him out for his 1st shopping trip. Our destination: Alamanda Shopping Centre in Putrajaya.

All three of us were looking forward for the trip, well. It also gave us a chance to try out the new baby stroller given by the wife's collegues as a gift. Thanks guys. It's really, and I mean REALLY a nice gesture.

I'm not really good with words, so let the pictures do all the talking.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cheque Nuffnang Ke 9

Cheque Nuffnang untuk bulan Julai

Alhamdulillah. Cheque untuk bulan Julai dan juga yang ke-9 dari Nuffnang aku terima minggu lepas. Walaupun kali ini amount dia sikit (terendah aku dapat dari Nuffnang) tapi aku tetap bersyukur. Siapa nak bagi duit macam tu aje.
Thanks Nuffnang! Keep the cheques coming.

Football is back!!!

Football season is back!! 

After a boring and forgetful plus most irritating World Cup, thanks to the Vuvuzelas (my team won anyways, Vamos Espana!), the football season is back. Each season when it ends, a part of my life seems incomplete, like a void or blackhole suddenly appears. 

The new season would be a new adventure and also be a testing one for me because the need to juggle between being an attentive dad & husband and a hardcore Red Devil. So far, Kaisan has been watching the pre-season friendlies with me & I guess whenever I am needed to babysit, he wont mind watching some footy with his ayah.

This season WILL BE the season when Manchester United equals Liverpool's record for the most league titles won. Winning the Charity Shield and squashing Chelski on the way winning it was a bright start. Oldies like Giggsy and Scholesy are still there, Nani, Fletcher, Vidic, Rooney and Rio are starting to share the burden and Javier "Chicarito" Hernandez is an exciting prospect that will freshen up the team.
Manchester United Squad for 2010 - 2011 Season

Whatever it is, football is back and it could not be any sooner!

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