Friday, March 27, 2015

Drama Slot Akasia "Harris dan Hannah"

"Kakak, Harris nak tengok pulak iPad..."
"Ok, tengok kejap je tau. Kak Hannah nak tengok pulak lepas tu..."
"Ayaah, adik tak nak share tengok sama-sama.....*waa waaa*...."
"Waaa....waaa......Hannah nak tengok...."

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hot Wheels Rally Set

Kaisan setting up his next run

I love collecting Hot Wheels. Hunting. Collecting. Trading and sometimes selling those extra pieces so that I can buy more Hot Wheels.
So, not surprising that I am trying to get my eldest son Kaisan hooked to this hobby as much as I am hooked on it. He has his "starter" cars, which I would buy for him (reluctantly), those cars that are deemed normal and not really collectible cars for die-cast enthusiasts.

Bought him his first Hot Wheels Race set (with my wife's full blessing) from Toys R' Us which was on a Star Deal going for RM 59.90 (Normal price RM 69.90). Got back home and immediately got it assembled and watched gleefully as Kaisan continue having so much fun with his hot wheels set. He is hooked! Success!
I guess the saying is right. The apple won't fall far from the apple tree. Well something like that.

Looks like fun!

p/s: Maybe will wait until he gets his driving license before passing on my Skylines, Datsun Wagons, Honda 1990 efs and Morris Minis. Well......

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sibling Rivalry

Like every parent, sibling rivalry is something that will cross our thoughts. Even before adding to the current herd (yeah, I call them a herd, in a nice way *smile*) we will already think about this.

Harris & Hannah

With twins, it is something that will definitely happen and it has already started. Initially, my wife and I did not pay too much attention and brushed it off as a normal once or twice occurrence. But apparently it has been getting out of hand with some biting involved. 

This would be the work of Miss Hannah
Usually this happens when they are eyeing for something or just want some space. Hannah is like picky when it comes to her personal space, while Harris is more defensive when it is during feeding time. Like he is trying to say "Harris don't share food" ala Joey Tribbiani in Friends.

We will definitely keep an eye on them from now on. But I don't actually blame Hannah because Harris is kinda very "biteable".

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Harga minyak naik semula mulai 1 Mac 2015

Mulai 12:01 pagi nanti harga runcit petrol RON 95, RON 97 dan Diesel akan naik sebanyak 25 sen. Harga baru setiap jenis petrol:

  • RON 95 - RM 1.95 seliter
  • RON 97 - RM 2.25 seliter
  • Diesel - RM 1.95 seliter
Nampaknya peniaga-peniaga yang tak menurunkan harga bila harga minyak turun akan rasa "justified" dalam tidak menurunkan harga barangan sebab sekarang harga petrol sudah naik sedikit semula.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Rezeki terjumpa lagi Super Treasure Hunt

'69 Ford Mustang Boss 302

Terjumpa kali ke-3 Super TH ni di peg masa keluar beli roti di 7-Eleven berdekatan. Memang nampaknya ada "ong" dengan casting ini.

Kali pertama join carboot sale

Dah lama dah saya nak cuba join carboot sale atau pasar karat ni tapi tak sempat. Tak sempat nak tengok barang-barang terpakai apa boleh jual.
Mingu lepas join kat tapak carboot sale dekat dengan rumah hari Ahad dengan sewa satu tapak promotion RM 5 sekali dengan ahli keluarga yang lain. Bulan depan naik jadi RM7. Oklah rate tu, nak balik modal pun tak susah.


Tempat masih baru, so trafik pengunjung pun tak ramai. Suam suam kuku gitu tapi untuk percubaan pertama tu ok jugalah.
Dapat jual kereta-kereta hotwheels dan beberapa pasang baju anak-anak yang dah lama. Nanti boleh try lagi kat tapak yang lain. Sambil berniaga dan duit masuk, boleh juga clearkan sikit area rumah.

Kepada yang nak cari barang terpakai yang masih elok, mehlah singgah di Carboot Sale Galaxy Seksyen 4 Bandar Baru Bangi dari 7:30 hingga 11:30 pagi. Macam-macam ada :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Terima kasih Bonuslink

Hari ni dapat bungkusan courier. Rasanya ini voucher KFC yang di janjikan Bonuslink 2 minggu lepas sebab saya ada points Bonuslink yang dah nak expired. Katanya rugi kalau dibiarkan camtu aje, so saya pun on aje. Tak sia-sia swipe kad Bonuslink kat Shell, Parkson, Caring Pharmacy dan partners yang lain..

Nampaknya malam ini kita makan KFC lah ye. Ke Pizza Hut? Takpun Ayamas...hmmm..

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