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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Marvel's The Avengers Premiere Screening at GSC Pavillion

I got invited by Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid (read: Tune Talk brings you Marvel's The Avengers at GSC Pavillion) to the premier screening of Marvel's The Avengers at GSC Pavillion last week. One of the most awaited movies of the year and I got 2 free passes to catch it & all thanks to Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid.

My brother tagged along for this one and we met up at The Pavillion. Got our grub on with a couple of subs from Subway and off we went to GSC Pavillion to pick up our passes from Tune Talk Media. Got the passes, some movie posters and some vouchers for popcorn & drinks. All set for the The Avengers (which now is the awesomest movie this year!)

The Avengers was awesome. It met our expectations and beyond. Good mix of humour & action. The script witty and as the usual "spot Stan Lee" scene was there too. Just a bit bummed cos' we had to leave before the ending of the credits to catch the last LRT. We know there was a surprise character after the credits. But better be home and dry then sleeping at the station. We actually caught the last LRT back. Lucky.

Thanks again to Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid for the invite and great goodies. Don't forget to invite us again. You guys are awesome and let me add, Tune Talk's own SuperSim won't be out of place in the presence of The Incredible Hul, Ironman and Captain America.

[Pictures from the premiere screening]

Mizi getting his grub on at Subway
Large crowd at the Premiere
Yup. We are at the right place. Big Tune Talk banner greets us.
Yup..we are at the right where are the tickets?
Sexy hot ladies from Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid 
And really really fun too
Mizi finally got the movie passes. Nicely done.
Marvel's The Avengers
The crowd going in for the show.

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