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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Adsense paid me again!

I got paid! Yup, Google Ads paid me again (this is my second payment) within 3 months. I got my first payment in April (READ HERE).

This time I got paid USD 112.77 and when I exchanged it, I got back RM361.90. I am fine with that. At least I can pay for Astro & Streamyx.

Adsense Notification through Payment History page

Western Union Money Transfer (Receiving) Form

Again, I cashed out using Western Union Money Transfer. Easy and quick. Within 10 minutes the cold hard cash was in my hands. 

Thanks Google. I'm waiting for this month's payment, which by the way is much more than this one. So, don't let me down Google, I know you won't.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

First Google Adsense Payment

Last month, I started putting Google Adsense on my site and it reached the cashout amount i.e. USD 100. Yesterday, I checked my account and surprise surprise....I can get my money out through Western Union Money Transfer.

You can also choose to use cheque as mode of payment but you will be charged roughly RM70 for service fees and it takes around 45 days from cashout date to get the earnings. I didn't get charged on anything and only waited since 31 March for this earning. I brought along the  payment statement from Google and fill in the form and submitted to the nearest Western Union agent and in 10 minutes....voila...RM 322.40 (USD 102.56) was in my hands.

I guess this is the "rezeki" of my newborn son, Muhammad Kaisan. Hopefully, Adsense will be a recurring and stable income like my nuffnang earnings.

Adsense & nuffnang rocks!!!

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