Thursday, July 8, 2010

Adsense paid me again!

I got paid! Yup, Google Ads paid me again (this is my second payment) within 3 months. I got my first payment in April (READ HERE).

This time I got paid USD 112.77 and when I exchanged it, I got back RM361.90. I am fine with that. At least I can pay for Astro & Streamyx.

Adsense Notification through Payment History page

Western Union Money Transfer (Receiving) Form

Again, I cashed out using Western Union Money Transfer. Easy and quick. Within 10 minutes the cold hard cash was in my hands. 

Thanks Google. I'm waiting for this month's payment, which by the way is much more than this one. So, don't let me down Google, I know you won't.


  1. mana best pakai adsense ke nuffanng..tak nah guna..

  2. Takleh banding sebab Nuffnang bayar in RM, Adsense pula bayar in USD. Lagipun tak salah letak dua2, sebab gliterrati tak affected pun.

  3. aku nyer google adsense kena block bila dah nak sampai limit... hampeh jer!

    malas dah nak pasang google adsense

  4. cool.. how i wish i still had my adsense.. =/

  5. I asked for Google Adsense account but tak diapproved :( they say my blog has "Unacceptable site content".. tsk.. taktau kenapa..

    or masa they come check tu kena buang dulu Nuffnang ads ke?

  6. so coolz!! sy pon pnah request tp x di'granted'... lupa plaks reason dier aper... kalo language jd faktor x, bo?

  7. am confused .. is it true that google adsense doesn't affect nuff gliteratti status.. coz I only got upgraded when I stopped my google..or was it a coincidence?

  8. Adsense has paid me also, 3 times already. This July 2010 will be my 4th payment after several months.

  9. masaalah aku pun sama gak,dah 16 1/2 kali aku cuba letak google ads tapi tak aprve gak...ada ke pakar2 kat sini yang leh review blog aku tu apa masaalah sampai adsense melupakan hu..sory komen banyak sangat..


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