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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hot Wheels Rally Set

Kaisan setting up his next run

I love collecting Hot Wheels. Hunting. Collecting. Trading and sometimes selling those extra pieces so that I can buy more Hot Wheels.
So, not surprising that I am trying to get my eldest son Kaisan hooked to this hobby as much as I am hooked on it. He has his "starter" cars, which I would buy for him (reluctantly), those cars that are deemed normal and not really collectible cars for die-cast enthusiasts.

Bought him his first Hot Wheels Race set (with my wife's full blessing) from Toys R' Us which was on a Star Deal going for RM 59.90 (Normal price RM 69.90). Got back home and immediately got it assembled and watched gleefully as Kaisan continue having so much fun with his hot wheels set. He is hooked! Success!
I guess the saying is right. The apple won't fall far from the apple tree. Well something like that.

Looks like fun!

p/s: Maybe will wait until he gets his driving license before passing on my Skylines, Datsun Wagons, Honda 1990 efs and Morris Minis. Well......

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Suka Kaisan dapat Chuggington

Masa kecil dulu, saya dapat set keretapi dari ayah. Memang selalulah mengadap keretapi tu. Sekarang dengan Kaisan pun sejarah macam berulang semula. 

Baru-baru ni dapatkan dia pula set train pertama, Chuggington by Takara Tomy. Set tu ada kepala Wilson dan 7 gerabak. 

Memang seronok tengok Kaisan suka set baru dia ni. Kita pulak ralit tengok train tu berpusing-pusing. Tak kemana pun, pusing-pusing situ aje.

Ingat nak expand rail tren ni. Siapa tahu dekat mana boleh cari set Takara Tomy ini lagi?

Senyum lebar dia dengan set Chuggington dia

Tulisan Jepun tu faham ke Kaisan?
Baru sibuk nak suruh bukak
Set Chuggington Takara Tomy
Rasa macam gergasi tengok train lalu

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