Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Man Utd 1 - Liverpool 4

Wow!! Man Utd 1 - Liverpool 4

Last Saturday, was the darkest day in my life as a Man Utd fan. After the game, I prayed hard and begged for forgiveness from god for my past sins as I taught it might be the end of the world.
That's only way to explain this mauling at the hands of the Kop.

The Red Devils just basically had an off day & were very tired after a tiring battle against a tough Inter Milan side that really gave United a fight. Vidic even intentionally had himself sent off because of tiredness. Poor Vidic.

Whereas, Real Madrid rolled over for Liverpool in their Champs League tie & gave the Kop an easy 4-0 win.
United scored first through a Ronaldo penalty after Park Ji Sung was viciously brought down by Reina. It was an obvious red card for Reina but the ref gave Liverpool a gift. Figures.

Then, Vidic due to tiredness gave Torres a clear path to Utd's goal before half time. Vidic just let the ball fall to Torres' feet to score. 1-1.

Start of the 2nd half, it was another gift to Liverpool by the ref. Clumsy Gerrard tripped himself up but as Evra was near by, so the ref judged Evra brought him down. 2 -1.

Then, Vidic got himself sent off (due to being tired) and Aurelio scored from the free kick. 3 -1.

Finally, Dossena scored after coming on as a substitute. This is when you know that this was a United gift to Liverpool. Maybe it was one of the Liverpool's player's birthday.

A battle was lost, but the war is still there to be won.
So, this Manchester United fan is not worried at all.


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