Monday, March 23, 2009

Announcing the Arrival of baby Shania Amani ..

21 st March 2009 around 2 pm at Shah Alam Medical Centre, saw our best friends Shahrul and Surini welcoming their little princess, baby Shania Amani bt Shahrul Izham.

She was a stunner and guessing from that statement, she got her looks from her mama...alhamdulillah. But, undeniably her nose is from Shahrul. Well, you win some, you lose some...hehehe. Whatever it is, "she is gorgeous" as Amru might say.

She came out a healthy 3.16 kgs and 54 cms long.

Shahrul jokingly said that they had to do the op due to her head following Shahrul's head size...(ikut kepala papa Shahrul lah kot).

Not forgetting to mention, the clan that came by to see baby Shania for the first time. There were Suraya & Razlan (plus Nana & Yaya..both are getting more gorgeous each time we see them), Wafi, Zul & Maz (minus Zareef & Zara...get well soon baby Zara), Fatihatul, Amru, Masri & Rozilawati and last but not least Faizal & Mas.

Well, here are a couple of pictures of Shania Amani that I grabbed from our friend's camera.

Shania all cuddled up...

A picture of innocence...

For better pictures, please visit Amru's blog, His pictures tells more than a million words (exaggerate sikit..heheh)

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