Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Watchmen : An Intriguing Artwork

Never have I seen as many people walk out of a movie as I saw during a Saturday showing of “Watchmen.”
The dude that sat beside me I think slept halfway the movie (well..I heard him snoring). A couple in front of me kept asking each other whats going on, who is who and whether to walk out and why is that man blue and was this scene happening now or did these events happen in the past and, holy crap, why are we now on Mars; eventually, they gave up and laughed their way through the exit doors. (And they were not shooshed.)

My fiancee, shifted uncomfortably with every splatter of brain; she sank lower into her seat at the arrival of a nude Dr. Manhattan’s fully exposed Little Dr. Manhattan then insists (really insists) that we haul our asses out of cinema 7 rightly after the fairly explicit sex between Night Owl and Silk Spectre in the back of the Owl Mobile – or whatever it’s called. (The movie is rated 18SX.)

It’s hard to say exactly when the trickle became an exodus – but maybe a quarter of the theater walked.
Indeed, it appears this phenomenon is not unique to our showing at One Utama, but also other cinemas in Klang Valley.
I just felt that it was a just waste of a perfect Saturday evening..and also 20 bucks...down the drain I tell you....shiisshh
But, I think I wont mind taking another showing of the movie, but this time I should go alone. It is indeed an intriguing movie. Your mind is active from start til end.

So did you notice an unusual number of walkouts at your screening? Or was the audience riveted? Howling in laughter? Snickering? Or stone silent and still, wrapped up in the story? Let me know.


  1. really? sheesh, different scenarios happened in Batu Pahat Johore, I saw most people enjoy they movie very well, and heard .. Owhhh~ thats what happens.. =) none left the hall early .. for me it was one hella good movie , all the characters have it own story, and the character grow every minute in the movie, and we got to know the character until the end, and the plot is nicely done, keeping us asking who is good and who is evil

  2. I went to the first screening in the UK, it was midnight, the night before it was officially out. We had three screens on sale , all sold out. Nobody walked off. In fact people were loitering around after the film ended talking about the films with each other.
    I personally think it's a really good film. Would definitely go again before it's gone.


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