Monday, October 19, 2009

In the Womb (A Wonderful Journey)

I found this incredible video through a friend's link on Facebook and was so moved by it that I cried. Its so beautiful and touching. I'll just leave you guys to enjoy it. But before that, I wanna say something to two special people in my life.

To Ibu,
I know I have given you hard times and would not be able to repay all you have done for me. I just want you to know that I love you. Love you Ibu.

To Azhani, my bride.
You will always be my bride til' Allah decides its time for us to part. I hope to have a blessed life with you and have many beautiful & god loving children with you, Insya'Allah. I love you Noor Azhani.


  1. I watched it with Zara and Zareef. Zara was excited to see the babies but it lasted for a couple of minutes. But Zareef watch till the end with amazement (amazed me to see him so connected).

    The best part was.... the end of the movie he said "tu lah baby yg zareef nak"

    Gelak giler kitorang knowing he wants another adik

  2. Hahahaha...Zareef nak adik lagi? Apalagi bro, get to it..

    Aku and Aza cried tgk clip ni and I got more appreciativeness towards the woment that are in our lives.


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