Tuesday, October 13, 2009


The other day my collegue was telling me about his aunty who passed away due to stroke. She was a healthy 40 year old lady and died shortly after having a BBQ at a relatives place.

My collegue told me that she took a tumble during the BBQ and stayed down for quite some time before picking herself up. She got up and said she insist she was fine after they offered to call the ambulance over. She went on enjoying herself the rest of the evening.

Her husband called later that evening and told that his wife was taken to the hospital (passed away at 4 a.m.).

Apparently she suffered from a stroke that could had been reversed if the symptoms were catched earlier.

Recognizing a stroke, SIMPLE!
Remember STR
S - Get te person to SMILE
T - Get the person to TALK coherently. For example, "What a nice day we are having"
R - Get the person to RAISE his/her's both arms.

Another symptom is to ask him to stuck out his tongue. If the tongue is crooked or goes to one side to the other, it is also an indication of a stroke.

So, whenever a person bumps his/her head or falls down, try to carry out these simple exercises. Better still, go directly to the nearest medical facility.

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