Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's official...Bieber Fever will hit KL on 21st April 2011

" oohh". Yup! You've guessed it right! Bieber Fever is gonna hit Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 21st April 2011.

The awesome people at Tune Talk-Mobile Prepaid, who were responsible for bringing you Paramore (voted as the most rockin' concert for 2010) and the upcoming show from Sacramento based band Deftones (14th February 2011) will also bring you the latest pop sensation, Justin Bieber.

This Canadian teen pop sensation who's hits like One Time, One Less Lonely Girl, Love Me, Baby & Pray  has won him numerous music awards and achieved multiple platinum status for his albums Discovery, My World and the latest album, My World 2.0.

Stay tuned to announcements from Tune Talk's website ( & Facebook page (Tune Talk FB) for details of the concert like venue, where & how to get tickets and offerings from Tune Talk to get free tickets through participating in contests.

Remember! JB is coming to KL and brought to you by Tune Talk-Mobile Prepaid. This is Prepaid!!!


  1. salam cik bo is nerd
    qis ade buat entry pasal cik bo
    maaf ambik satu gmbr dr blog ni

  2. hi saya mahu tanya.perlu jadi member tune prepaid dlu ke baru boleh beli ticket tu?jika tk keberatan,reply di you so much

  3. waaahh!! berita hebat ni... :)
    minat gak JB.. yay!


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