Thursday, February 26, 2009

Chocolate Mudcake & many more.....

Choc mud cake ni speciality adik ipar kepada boisanerd, Shazana nama dia. Even though, dia tak terror main boling (cakap aje terror, tangan robotlah..apa lah..hehehe), but she can make one mean chocolate mudcake.

Mesti korang fikir, "nampak aje sedap, rasa blom tentu". What I can only say is, you guys dont know what u are missing, believe me..hehehe..letak chocolate chip aiskrim some more..pergghh..

So, if there are any takers or want to be believers, please leave your orders/comments under this post or you can go to braincellkilla for more info. Prices start at RM 30 & there are other cakes on offer.

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