Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kaisan's 1st Shopping Trip

Our son, Muhammad Kaisan is almost 4 months and he has outgrown most of his clothes. So, why not we take him out for his 1st shopping trip. Our destination: Alamanda Shopping Centre in Putrajaya.

All three of us were looking forward for the trip, well. It also gave us a chance to try out the new baby stroller given by the wife's collegues as a gift. Thanks guys. It's really, and I mean REALLY a nice gesture.

I'm not really good with words, so let the pictures do all the talking.


  1. Hi Kaisan,shopping baju raya ke?

  2. looks like he loved his shopping trip so much!!

  3. chumeyl nye kaisan!! peluk cium dy tuk ira ehh. hehe. btw, kaisan mksdnye ape ek? jrg ade nme kaisan nie kn~

  4. Ummiross~Belum lagi. Baru cari baju2 biasa je.

    Afnan~Mesti kena keep cool...hehehe.

    akuzle~He really was curious with surroundings.

    ira~Insya'Allah. Kaisan adalah salah seorang sahabat Rasulullah & maksudnya yang bijaksana.

  5. cumilnya baby u Bo,da lame sy x bw sini
    seingat sy mase last jenguk sini,u said that u bakal jadi daddy,
    Hope..u jadi bapa yg baik k

  6. comelnyer bro Kaisan :) geram aku tgk...

  7. ahh comell nye baby !!!
    gerammm :p


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