Monday, August 30, 2010

NameWee is looking for cheap publicity.....again.

Happy Birthday Malaysia!!!

This guy is again creating a bit of a stir in the midst of us celebrating our 53rd Independence. His latest video is kinda like a retaliation to the racial issue that was caused by a headmaster of a public school last week, which I have to admit was really poor judgment on behalf of the headmaster. Instead of being a person to look up to and guidance of the whole school, he blundered big time with something that he shouldn't say. But, I think the whole matter is already dealt with by those in power in the Ministry of Education.

Coming back to this guy, who first created a nuisance with his total disrespect of the "Negaraku" anthem, I really hope the proper authorities really throw the book to him this time around. If no action is taken, then I'm afraid he'll continue to create tension among Malaysians.

I am also really intrigued to know whether this guy has deep-lying issues that makes him act in this way. Maybe he has daddy issues, maybe he was dropped on his head when he was a baby or maybe he wears that stupid hat to hide the fact that he has a large gaping hole where his brain used to be (last know location of his brain: halfway to the sun due to humiliation of association).

We'll never know.

Let the proper authorities take care of this insect & focus on improving our lives. Let's celebrate Malaysia's 53rd Merdeka. Remember the sacrifices that our leaders of the past and also of those that came before us made in order for us to have this freedom.

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

P/s: No picture of this guy was put up because this blog is trying to keep a certain high level of integrity and class.


  1. stupid people macam itulah perangainya! So sad la with this guy punye sikap!!

  2. totally agree with u bo, tapi betul ke Ministry of Education ada buat tindakan? macam takde je

    i made a post on him too :

  3. Sandra ~ He's a sad person.

    Sharinginfoz ~ Selamat Hari Merdeka!

    Wahida ~ Dia cari publicity murahan aje tu.

    Muchang ~ MOE only transferred the HM to another school. Mmg should be more tougher tap entahlah.


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