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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sibling Rivalry

Like every parent, sibling rivalry is something that will cross our thoughts. Even before adding to the current herd (yeah, I call them a herd, in a nice way *smile*) we will already think about this.

Harris & Hannah

With twins, it is something that will definitely happen and it has already started. Initially, my wife and I did not pay too much attention and brushed it off as a normal once or twice occurrence. But apparently it has been getting out of hand with some biting involved. 

This would be the work of Miss Hannah
Usually this happens when they are eyeing for something or just want some space. Hannah is like picky when it comes to her personal space, while Harris is more defensive when it is during feeding time. Like he is trying to say "Harris don't share food" ala Joey Tribbiani in Friends.

We will definitely keep an eye on them from now on. But I don't actually blame Hannah because Harris is kinda very "biteable".

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dah 6 bulan dah umur Hannah Rose & Harris Reza

Hannah Rose dengan Abang Long Kaisan
Sekejap aje rasa, tup tup anak kembar saya Hannah Rose & Harris Redza dah cecah 6 bulan. Macam-macam kerenah, perangai dan keperluan. Umur macam dua-dua ni dah seronok dah nak bermain-main dengan diorang. Badan pun dah tegap sikit especially si Harris, sampai Atok Mi di pun dah "give up" nak timang dia.

Harris Redza & Abang Long Kaisan
Ayah & mama suka melayan Harris & Hannah dan tiap-tiap hari mendoakan korang berdua jadi hamba Allah S.W.T. yang beriman & bertakwa. Amin.

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