Sunday, May 1, 2011

Justin Bieber: My World Tour 2011 (Malaysia) Pictures

Even though he has long gone from our shores, I still want to share some pictures on the concert day. He stopped in Malaysia on 21st April 2011 as one of his My World Tour stops. The venue was Stadium Merdeka.

Free tickets to give to friends & family
Crew tag which gives access to almost everywhere at the concert

Tune Talk staff getting the Bieber Fever bug

Outside stadium entrance
Tune Talk staff before the concert at one of the booths
Outside stadium entrance

Memorabilia galore
The Beliebers starting to fill up the stadium
Mizz Nina warms up the crowd. Great show by her
The Beliebers go wild as Justin makes his entrance
Justin shows his guitar playing skill.
A lucky girl gets close & personal with the Biebster
More of Justin Bieber
Tune Talk CEO poses with some satisfied fans

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