Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Frustrations and disappointments

This totally reflects on how I feel these days. Don't get me wrong but I am really excited in anticipating the birth of my first child. My first son at that. That makes it way much cooler. I pray everyday that the delivery goes well and that both mother and son will be healthy.

But I am kinda a little bit disappointed on how some people around me treat me. I am usually one of those guys that if you look at me for the first time, you'll think I am a snobbish guy and whatsoever that comes along with that assumption. Well, I think once you get to know me, Im kinda bearable.

To those who know me, they usually misunderstood me. For example, when I try make an effort on knowing what my friends are up to these days, I'll just be laughed at and would usually be teased on it. I get a lot of stick for that. Well, at least I know what to talk about when I meet these people. I hope they think that I am a good friend for taking a bit of my daily time to know whats happening in their lives.

Another issue is, I am not appreciated in my efforts in trying to make things work or better for others. Well, I am thinking of just stopping helping out others. Just be more kiasu and focus on myself and my very young family. I need to do this because in the end I'll just be left frustrated and disappointed. 

Well, thats it. From now on, I'll just say NO.


  1. seronok kan dapat baby...hehe
    congrate ya..
    p/s: manusia...semuanya x sempurna di mata. jgn dikesahkan sgt. yg penting kita gembira jd diri kita yg sebenarnya..:p

  2. hye bro.. :) chill out ok..jgn kisah ape org ckp.. sometime kita kena selfish sket..btw..congrate coz nk dpt baby.. :)

  3. dAYun~

    Yup. Mmg happy. Dalam seminggu dua nih jumpa lah saya dgn Bo the Nerd Jr.
    Thanks for the advice. Betul tu, kita sendiri kena happy always.
    Datang lagi ye.

  4. The Wan and only~

    Yup. Sentiasa bersabar. Thanks. :)

  5. eQurlz~

    Thanks. Mmg betullah. Kita kena slfish and fikirkan ttg diri kita and family.
    Datang lagi eh.

  6. be grateful least you're married, have a stable job, and soon going to have a and the others have achieved so much, and that's just too way ahead from me to keep up..

  7. Vuel~

    Grateful is a daily thing to me. I am always grateful with what I have achieved. But sometimes I just need a bit of recognition and appreciation. At most least, treated with respect.

  8. Congrats with your newborn!! A very healthy looking baby boy, alhamdullilah..don't worry so much about pleasing others bro, u are a great friend to have and that's a fact..

  9. Faizal~

    Thank you bro. Alhamdulillah Kaisan is healthy and complete and quite a cutey if I say so myself. After seeing his face, lotsa things are put in more perspective. Focus on what is important and dearest only. Family, great friends (like you...aww) and those that are sincere.
    How's things in Bangkok bro? Baju merah ke? Baju kuning ke? Baju tiada warna?

  10. Bro,

    Sometimes kita rasa orang tak appreciate, but I honestly believe deep down they appreciate. Just being friends, kadang2 susah nak admit it...

    I enjoy listening to your insider's information...hehehe

    And congrats on the baby ya. More rezeki coming your way. I just know it.

    Have a nice day bro

  11. can u belive it,now there's 'no color' protesters! you won't see anything like this in Malaysia, FRU ngan polis belasah orang jek! hehe..but everything's ok here, we are pretty safe from all the protests..siap bole jalan2 and shopping lagi hehe..but we avoid area yg x selamat la and be extra careful all the time..


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