Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The lure of the iPhone and its apps

Lately, Digi has been aggressively promoting its iPhone 3GS. I think their ads are really effective because even I am contemplating of getting one for myself. Let me tell you that I never like the phone and only think of it as an accessory or fad item. I am more of a practical & " I only need the neccessary & practicality is the best" type of guy. Yeah, boring. My current phone is the Nokia E71. The E71 is practical, sturdy and so far for me, complete.

But lately, the variety types of applications that is available on the iPhone (seen on the Digi ads) has made me re-think my views on this Apple creation. The apps (from my short research) can range from the most incredible to the uttermost silly.

I am doing my research on how to get my hands on an affordable iPhone that would at least satisfy my curiosity on this supposedly great creation of Apple. Should I get a basic old generation version or go for the latest and break the bank while I'm at it? The hunt is still on.

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