Monday, April 12, 2010

Movie Review: How To Train Your Dragon

Movie date with the wife before she delivers our first child in a couple of weeks. So, we decided to go for Dreamworks' latest offering "How To Train Your Dragon".

Superb storyline, brilliant animations, amazing imagination and great fun. Those are my words to describe this movie. We went for this movie not thinking that it would be that great but left being in awe of the whole movie.

The movie is set in the Viking town called Berk and is about Hiccup (voiced by Jay Baruchel) who is the son of the Viking Leader, Stoick (Gerrard Butler). Hiccup, who looks weak compared to the other vikings who are burley and gruff. He happened to accidently caught a Night Fury, a dragon that he later named Toothless.

Hiccup, who is also an apprentice blacksmith to Gobber (Craig Ferguson) was taught that killing dragons is the viking way of life. He later on learned that this is not really it should be after developing a relationship with Toothless. He learnt the ways of the dragons and became a sort of friend to them. Hiccup also made a love connection with a tomboy Viking, Astrid (America Ferrara). Romance part, check!

The storyline just makes your inner child take over. Although the Scottish accent isn't exactly correct (it's totally incorrect, Vikings are Scandinavians for crying out loud!), but just take a second and realize that this is a kid's movie that will surely make you reconnect with your inner child. The imagination put into the movie, for example the silly looking dragons would also make your imagination wonder.

A great movie to bring your kids and the whole family.  And I promise you that you'll have fun too. I promise.

P/s: The movie was really fun that even my unborn child did not stop moving in his mum's belly. Brilliant.


  1. ohooo....4star chik bg for this movie..tgk kali ke2 pn xbosan..hehe

  2. Chick Chumell~

    Yup. Wont get bored going for a few times. Dah berapa kali tgk?

  3. Shafiqhashim~

    Yup. I would give a 5 star rating too. Thanks for the visit.


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