Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Getting electricity into your home.

How many of you guys know the process to get electricity into your home? Most house developers get this done for you but what if you recently bought a house and need to get power into your new home. Let me tell you how because I can proudly say that now I am a house owner. Yup, I bought a house. (Applause).

There are a few things that you need to do & have before you visit Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB). Make sure you visit the Kedai Tenaga that is nearest to the house you want the electricity put into.

Sale & Purchase Agreement
First thing you need is the Sale & Purchase Agreement (S&P or some people call it SPA). This document is the agreement between you (buyer) and seller. It states that you agree to purchase the house from the seller. Basically, TNB wants to see this document so that it is proof that you own the house.
Get the S&P copied (photostated, is this correct?). First step done!

Photocopy IC
This is a must for most of these type of processes. Get one copy of your I/c done and make sure both sides (front and back) are done.

Application Form
You can get the forms from your nearest Kedai Tenaga for free. Fill up the details as stated on the form. Leave the parts that you are not sure about and ask about them when you want to submit the forms.

You need to put a deposit when you apply because TNB wants to cover any losses if let say you did not pay your bill. I am not sure how much you need to prepare. The deposit is based on how big is your house. Meaning that, the bigger your house, the larger the deposit.

My advice is to just bring RM 1000 to be safe. I only paid RM 240 for mine.

Stamp Hasil
Lastly, buy two Stamp Hasil @ RM 10 each from the post office. Bring this together when submitting the forms.

So, those are the things that you need to have to get the power in your house. Easy enough huh?


  1. neway thanks for the info..

    u keje TNB ke?? hehe..just asking..

    * penah training ngan TNB dulu, so tau gak la serba sedikit psl perkara ni...heeeee

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