Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Staying put or just move out?

A close dear friend of mine, Zulkarnain ( is planning to migrate to the Land Down Under, Australia most probably in May. He will be bringing his wife and kids away to another country due to being unhappy with some issues that are happening in our country.

Bad politics, people's working habits, worker's efforts not being recognized, the rising cost of living yet income still remains the same are some of the issues that have rubbed Zul the wrong way. I tend to empathize with his feelings and see where he is coming from. I also have plans to experience life working overseas once I complete my chartered accounting studies. But I don't think it would be to the extent to gain PR status in another country.

I know where Zul is coming from but it's hard for me to see me moving away from Malaysia. I cannot imagine celebrating Hari Raya without my parents and relatives around. I cannot imagine not playing NATS Sunday Futsal or not going on trips with my friends. How about the array of Malaysian food  that just make your mouth water by just thinking about it? Never. No nasi lemak, no nasi kerabu? Hell no!

Come on....!!! Are you kidding me??

NATS Sunday Futsal

I really hope that Zul changes his mind on this and soldier on with the rest of us. But whatever his decision is going to be, we'll still be tight and insya'Allah, my wife, I & kids will surely try to visit you guys down there. But for now, I'll continue to carry on in Malaysia. Like the old Malay proverb goes:

Hujan emas di negeri orang, 
hujan batu di negeri sendiri, 
lebih baik di negeri sendiri.


  1. i would love to move out. the problem is i have carrier to build here. foods? as long as it gives me sufficient nutrients its good. its not about oversea is better than here, but to gain more knowledge and be wiser.

    hujan batu ke hujan emas ke.], lebih baik takyah hujan.

  2. tq for the post bo. you forgot to mention how bad our crime rate is - this i cannot compromise. God forbid.. but i think living in kl is just a matter of time before kena rompak/ masuk rumah and stuff like that.

    i dont think i will miss the food, work, and stuff a lot. what i fear is missing my family and friends.

    kau sajeee nak bagi aku sedih ehh??!!

  3. Actually, I agree with Zul's decision. The quality of life in Malaysia is deteriorating, although it haven't gone as low as in Indonesia. What he's doing is adapting to the situation, as that's what we need to survive. Certain sacrifices must be made to continue survival.

    @Zul: Let's meet up before you go. I realize I haven't been a good friend to you, or to any of you guys since I returned to Malaysia. But I hope I get to see you before you go.

  4. please do vuel. i also wanted to spend a little quality time with you. zul is just looking for better cheese out there.

  5. to your friend... grass is always greener on the other side... and better is a relative word...

  6. Nothing ventured nothing gained.... right? Been to Australia a few times makes me feel like, it's great there. Gaji yg di bayar wajar dengan kehidupan - at least boleh hidup dengan selesa... kalau di Singapura nii (I'm Singaporean) - haiz... dengan cost kehidupan yg tinggi, traffic jam yg tak habis2... mcm ibaratkan kita kerja hanya untuk kumpul duit untuk masa tua...


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