Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pekan Rabu @ Wednesday Town

On the way back from a relative's wedding reception, the family made a quick stop at Pekan Rabu in Alor Setar, Kedah.Pekan Rabu is not exactly a pekan (town) as itself, but it is situated in the Alor Setar town. Opened in 1978, traders used to do their trading with no walls before the existence of Pekan Rabu . Did you know that Tun Dr. Mahathir used to be one of the traders there?

You can find all kind of stuff like cakes, kuih muih, serundings (chicken/beef floss), spices and also stalls selling food & drinks. My dear wife had a field day at Pekan Rabu. In just 10 minutes, she bought two big bags full of knick knacks. Seeing that she is already 8 months pregnant, so I let it slide this time.

Pekan Rabu is one of Malaysia's local and foreign tourist attractions. Maybe air-conditioning or improving air circulation of Pekan Rabu should be the next step in making it more comfortable for visitors and traders alike.

Will surely stop by Pekan Rabu the next time I'm in Kedah.


  1. Pekan Rabu?
    OMG, that's in my hometown!
    One of the poyo name of Pekan Rabu is Che Det Mall, taken from the nickname of Tun :D

  2. NF~
    Yup. My uncle also mentioned about the name. But I dont think its a poyo name for a place that has been graced by a great leader like Tun Dr Mahathir.

  3. aha pekan rabu ..macam2 ada belacan, pekasam jeruk, hehe

  4. Sebenarnya Che Det Mall bukan dari nama Dr. Mahadir tp pengasas asal Pekan Rabu dulu2 yg bernama Mahadir. Tempat asal pekan baru bukan di tengah2 pekan tp telah dipindahkan ke situ. Saya pernah bekerja di atas gerai no 3 dari jejantas sblum masuk U. Kalau pandai tawar-menawar dan tahu harga pemborong, gerenti blh dapat murah dari biasa.(psstt, rahsia ni)

  5. there's one shop selling telekung across d road from pekan rabu,d salesman so sooo rude..dunno whether he still working there~


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