Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rabbit became the innocent victim in family feud

Poor rabbit, Bunny

This poor creature was the victim of a family feud when the disgruntled (& very cruel) daughter set the rabbit on fire. The daughter, Katey Barber, threw pieces of burning paper into the rabbit's hatch and was seen laughing and shouting "Look, the rabbit is running around on fire", before putting out the fire. The rabbit is owned by Katey's sister who is on vacation with their mother and her partner.

Horrified friends and family were swore at when they tried to intervene. Katey had earlier downed 5 cans of lager before setting fire on her mother's partners clothes and then setting fire to the rabbit's hatch.

The vet that attended to the rabbit named Bunny, says it is permanently scarred and is now is terrified of human contact. A part of its ear will also need to be amputated.
Katey Barber, an animal in human form

Barber could be jailed up to 6 months and fined 20,000 Pounds when she is sentenced on Tuesday. The punishment is not enough after what she had done to this poor animal.

If it were up to me, I would lit her up on fire and see how she likes it. Poor excuse of a human being.


  1. Gila pompuan tu...yup...I agree with u...kalau dia yang kena bakar, baru tau..

  2. kesian gila...
    meh kita bakaq budak tu....

  3. pompuan yg pakai payung tu katey?gila,aku ingat budak kecikk yg bakar...huh,kejamnya pompuan ni...

  4. bodoh punye perempuan.. kalau dpat kat depan aku.. memang aku simbah pakai minayk panas.... pastu simbah petrol.. pastu bakar.. pastu simbah dengan cuka.. pastu biar dia lari2 tengah jalan raya.. sambil aku jerit...

    tgok tu.. anak syaitan berlari2 keluar dr neraka...



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