Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Is it hard to follow rules?

A cyclist not using the bike lanes

This was a picture I took of a motorcyclist just refusing to use the motorcycle lanes that are made especially for them along the Federal Highway. I have seen quite o few accidents where motorcyclist knocked down by cars when they change lanes.

Cannot blame the car drivers because they wouldn't expect cyclist to use the main road. They would expect them be using the bike lanes.  So, why just they cannot use the bike lanes provided for them and not endanger their lives and also others? luck..there is another one not following the rules

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  1. Ron dulu pun tak guna bike lane kat kawasan tu..sebab depan tu ada byk cabang dan laluan motor memang pening kat situ..kalau org yg tak biasa lalu memang sesat jalan..

    lagipun kalau nk masuk mid valley susah kalau laluan motor tu sebab entrance melalui jalan motor kat mid valley tu dah lepas tempat parking motorcyclist kena tawaf dulu mid valley tu baru boleh masuk parking..

    so tak boleh blame motorcyclist jugak..ahaha.. kawasan tu memang ramai yg suka keluar dari bike lane..


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