Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fradoo ABC Koko Special

Fradoo ABC (Special) Gerai 14 Section 2 Shah Alam

Fradoo ABC (Special) Gerai 14 in Section 2 Shah Alam is a Shah Alam institution. Maybe you think I am exaggerating a bit but those who ever stayed in Shah Alam or had the honor to taste this masterpiece will also agree with me. When it is hot day and I feel like having something cool and got cash to burn, ABC Fradoo is the ticket.

It has been already announced since the new year that Fradoo ABC will hike up their Fradoo ABC Koko Special price from RM 2.50 to RM 3.00 due to rising cost. So, the wife & I went for a quick dash to Fradoo ABC.

She's peeved cos' I'm snapping a picture of Fradoo instead...

We ordered two Fradoo ABC Koko Specials and another two for the road. Thankfully, we came just before the rush hour for this ABC (rush hour starts at 5). So, the wait was not that long. Finally, our order arrived and voilla....

Twin terrors of sweetness

Fradoo ABC Koko Special is made up of shredded ice, red beans, cendol, peanuts, cincau, nata de coco, red syrup (or called tomato ketchup), yellow syrup (called mustard) and green syrup. What makes this dessert special is the secret recipe  melted chocolate poured on top of the ice and. Topping it all off is piece of fruit and a wafer tube.

ABC Fradoo Koko Special

The preparation is clean as the Fradoo ABC employees wear plastic gloves and always wash the ice down and always make sure the ingredients are fresh.

Let me throw in the pictures because my words would not do justice to this masterpiece.

Not a single word came out of her when devouring this masterpiece

After finishing off our ABCs, we paid and collected the two take-away orders. Fradoo ABC again hit the spot. Even though, it will cost us a bit more starting 1st February, we will surely be devoted fans of this dessert masterpiece.

Fradoo ABC Koko Special (take-away version)


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