Thursday, January 28, 2010

McDonald's in a Pickle Over an Extra Slice of Cheese

I'm so gonna get fired for putting an extra piece of lettuce in that Big Mac

McDonald's had to pay a former employee in one of its Dutch outlets after firing her for putting an extra slice of cheese in a workmate's burger during that friend's lunch break. The courts decided that she was wrongly dismissed and Micky Dees were ordered to pay the remaining 5 months of her contract which was around 6,000 Dollars and also court fees.

McDonald's defended their actions that she had broken the rules that forbids employees to give gifts and free stuff to family members and friends.

Kinda funny that a Big Mac (no pun intended...not!) of a company like McDonalds can get worked up because of an extra piece of food but doesn't mind being robbed gallonf of Coke refills everyday.

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