Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lotus F1 Classic Car

Lotus 38 1966 Indianapolis 500

I won this beauty at The Tune Group 1st Inaugural Annual Dinner held at Modestos Hartamas last Friday. I am working with Tune Talk (, so that explains me being there in the first place.There were 120 prizes on offer for the 130 Tune Group staff that attended the dinner. I was gunning for 1 of the 3 notebooks on offer, or even the iPhone 3GS. Heck, if I get the 50 inch LCD TV, I won't be complaining. Duhh..

But I knew somehow I will get this Lotus 38 car. Let me tell you a bit about this car.

There are only 1,200 pieces of this model made in the whole world. So, I feel a bit special because I am one of those lucky people. It's currently worth almost RM 2,000 and if I keep it in good condition, I can get more through auctioning it. It's apparently a collectors item.

This prize was given by the Lotus F1 Team Malaysia people. They were also there at the dinner as the team is also a part of the Tune Group Family headed by Dato Seri Tony Fernandez. He was also there during the dinner.

I'll leave you with more pictures of this beautiful model.


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