Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Introducing the KFC Zinger Tower Burger

KFC Zinger Tower Crunch Combo

Lately, my wife have been craving for KFC, well in particular the KFC Zinger Tower Burger. The older generation always say to try meet those pregnant woman cravings as long as they are reasonable. Well, KFC is reasonable enough except when it is craved on a daily basis. Kopak wooo..

So, last weekend during our weekly dating nights my wife bought me my first KFC Tower Zinger (after telling me for the whole week how she loved the burger).  Lets just say when I go to KFC, burgers are the last thing I think of having. Well, I'll make an exception for her sake.

We had the Zinger Tower Combo. When you pay RM 10.50 for the  Zinger Tower Crunch Combo meal, you will get the Zinger Tower Burger, 7 UP Revive and Chacho's corn chips with dip. I love chips and dips. Hey, they rhyme.

Zinger Tower being a little shy

The KFC Zinger Tower Burger is made of fresh lettuce, zinger chicken fillet, cheese, hash browns, zesty chili lime sauce with two soft sesame buns. This Zinger Tower somewhat changed my opinion on KFC burgers. The hash brown crumbled when you bite into it, the zinger fillet is juicy and just about right. The zesty lime sauce made it all come together.

The Zinger Tower is about to be devoured by a champion

My wife couldn't make the whole burger to fit her mouth. So, she divided it into two pieces. Well, for me being a burger & sandwich lover, took the whole burger in one piece and savoured the taste. Champion.

Eventhough KFC still cannot overtake the other burger establishments in the burger/sandwich stakes, the Zinger Tower shows me that they are in the right direction.

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