Sunday, February 21, 2010

Burger Hunt: Carl's Jr Charbroiled Burgers @ One Utama Damansara

 Carl's Jr. One Utama Damansara

My wife & I went to One Utama Damansara yesterday to start shopping for baby stuff. Got to get the shopping done before she gets too big (she is already quite pregnant now, 7 months to be exact) and it's in a nice way of bigness (is there such a word?). We took some time out for lunch and the wife being a virgin to Carl's Jr, so we headed that way. Which way? Carl's Jr lah wei...hehehe...yeah, lame joke. Tough crowd.

This is my second trip to Carl's Jr (first was at Mid Valley, thanks to Hanafi) and the wife's first, so she took quite a while to "study" the menu. Finally, she decided on the Chicken Crispy Combo (RM 17.20) and I tried the Portobello Mushroom Combo (RM 22.90). I got an additional 10% discount using my UOB One credit card, great! 

free refills....i like!!!

They gave us our order number (to be put on the table) and told us to wait for our orders to be sent to our table. The funny thing was, the person sending our order had to wait for us because both of us took our sweet time to fill up our drinks at the drinks station.
Crispy Chicken & Portobello Mushroom
The burgers were juicy and fresh but a little bit smaller than the last time I remember. Carl's Jr fries could give McDonald's fries a run for their money. I particularly like the free refills that are not limited to just Coca Cola (like McDonald's).

The wife could not contain herself for her first bite and I just managed to get a shot in.

See how big her smile is....

Back to the burgers, my words won't do them justice. So, here they are.

Will surely come again to Carl's Jr. to try out the other burgers, sandwiches and the intriguing Chili.


  1. cam best jer burger uhh..tergoda ..ahaha

  2. if compare to McD mane stu lg sdap bro??

  3. i am yet to try the burger..
    coz the price is way higher than burger king, mcd or kfc..
    btw, in mcd, we can refill the sprite as well not sure about the other soft drinks

  4. macam sedap jer burger tue.
    kena pergi nie nak try.
    anyway thanks for dropping by at my blog

  5. uish..the most part yg suke is bole refill!! hee,dah boleh jimat tu, then tgk burger tu mcm sedap, kene try ni


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