Saturday, February 6, 2010

My First Churp Churp Campaign: Why I like It Longer LG Chocolate LG BL40

The other day I got an email from Churp Churp Nuffnang, the Twitter sister of Nuffnang. They have chosen me to tweet about the latest LG phone, the LG BL40.
The new LG Chocolate LG BL40

The LG Chocolate BL4O is labeled famously as the "supermodel" of all phones. It's long, sleek and glossy features reminds GQ's Dylan James of a supermodel. But to me, in a view of a testerone minded guy, it reminds me more of a sleek, black and glossy supercar, the Buggati Veyron.

Both are sexy, appealing and would drive anybody's andrenaline into overdrive. Even I know that between the two, getting the fabolously sexy LG Chocolate BL40 is a more realistic dream unless a wealthy & crazy human being gives me the keys to this masterpiece on wheels.

The Bugatti Veyron would compliment the LG Chocolate BL40 really well

Back to my Churp Churp campaign (excuse me guys, just carried away with the sexiness of them both), all I have to do is create a tweet about the latest LG masterpiece and then hope that other twitterers join in. So far, this is what I got from my earnings.....

Come on guys, help me out here cos this is just pathetic.


  1. Congrats bro! Hahaha I joined ChurpChurp since late last year and haven't been given any tweet assignment. Sigh. Anyway, have fun making money! LOL

  2. Kenwooi~ Yeah! Hope more of it comes my way

    Jas~ I joined it in November last year I think. Just tried my luck and Churp Churp just gambled on me. Good luck and keep on blogging :)


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