Sunday, July 3, 2011

I am now a fan of women's soccer

Last night while flipping through the channels, came across the Women's World Cup game between the US and Colombia. Well, I thought to myself "This will make me go to sleep faster. *yawn*". WRONG!

The US goalkeeper is flipping good. And her goalkeeping skills are okay too. You can judge for yourself and let me know if I'm right or am I right. I know I'm right. 

She's Hope Solo and she is the goalie. Come'on guys. Think about it. Football (GOOD), Women (GOOD), Pretty women (GETTING BETTER) and a pretty women that is goalie that is good in handling balls! (BRAIN EXPLODED..sign me up!)

US Women's Soccer Team Goalie, Hope Solo
She's good in handling balls *hik*hik*
But beware, she can kick em too *ouch*
What? Soccer? Not football? I'll call it whatever you wan me to call it


  1. Memang cun lah bro.. Gua pun jatuh cinta jugak.. ecehh.. heheheheeh

  2. pergh..dah la cantik..berbakat lg..nice2

  3. wow! nice.. but aa the problem is she likes to kick ball.. even better, balls.. hehe..


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