Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tiger Woods Walks Away

Will Tiger come back?

The past two weeks must have been like hell on earth for the most famous golfer on the planet. The news that Tiger Woods,33 crashed his SUV into a fire hydrant and a tree at 2:25 am in front of his multi-million Isleworth, Florida home broke like wildfire across the world. It was alleged that he had a fight with his Swedish wife, Elin Nordegren, 29 about Tiger having an affair.

He was charged and fined $164 by the authorities for careless driving. That amount is spare change to him. Even the SUV that he wrecked would be just one of the number cars he have. But the real damage was to his reputation and most importantly his marriage.

For the past 15 years, Tiger has always say little to the press and let his golf do the talking for him. Tiger would always try to keep his personal life out of the eyes and ears of the public that put him in high esteem. People will be in awe of his presence for his elegance, precision and smart. But no more. Now his reputation as a "good guy" is forever ripped to shreds. Now he looks sloppy, dirty and dumb.

Last Friday, Tiger made a statement on his official website that read, " I am deeply aware of the disappointment and hurt that my infidelity has caused to so many people, most of all my wife and children". He goes to add on, " After much soul searching, I have decided to take an indefinite break from professional golf. I need to focus my attention to being a better husband, father and person". I personally think this is the smartest decision that he ever made on or off the golf course.

It has emerged since then that Tiger have been having several extra-marital affairs. All the "birdies" that he have put in have come out and told their stories. Text messages, videos and short stories are being told by there money grabbing girls that don't realized that the happiness of a young family is in danger. Greed is the main order of the day for these slutty girls.

 Rachel Uchitel, first uncovered birdie

Tiger's decision to take an indefinite break would be a huge loss to the game of golf but when push comes to shove, the happiness of his two young children, Sam Woods and Charlie Woods, and also Elin's are the most important. Tiger has made money from the game and I personally think that he has loss the love for the game. He will need all the focus that won him all those major, trophies, money and accolades to rebuild his reputation and importantly the trust between him and Elin.

 The Woods family in better times

So, I applaud Tiger's decision to focus on what that really matters. I'll raise my glass to him for that.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Selangor Increases Mas Kahwin to RM 300. WTH!!!!

Just watched Buletin Utama on TV3 and the news that really got my attention was that those who wants to get married in Selangor would need to pay RM 300 (minimum) for mas kahwin and no ceiling rate (leaving this  to the discretion of the marrying couple). That's almost a 200% increase from the RM 80 previously set for mas kahwin.

The JAIS officer said that it was high time that the rate was increased. WTH!! Maybe because me being a guy would think this increment is going to be a burden to the men. It's already enough parents these days set high dowry payments for their daughters hand (jual anak), then you get this announcement?  I hope guys out there don't start to turn to snatching, burglary or other crimes in order to find cash just to get married. I'm really glad that I got married this year. And yes, my wife is from Selangor. Dodged a bullet there.

My advice to those who plan to get married......go and look outside of Selangor. It's just not worth it.

My First Nuffnang Payment

A few months ago, I received my first payment from Nuffnang. It wasn't that much but seeing that this was my first chance to cash out, I cashed out once it reached the limit. I didn't photocopy the actual cheque but do still have the payment advice.

Since this first cheque from Nuffnang, I have received a few more payments.  So, far getting extra money is very nice *smile*

It pays to say what you want to say or what you are passionate about.So,thanks Nuffnang!!! The cash would be very handy when me and my wife welcome the new addition to our small family in May next year.

P/S: My nuffnang earnings for last week haven't been updated. Do other nuffnangers got their's updated yet??

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bad Day singer Daniel Powter named Decades One Hit Wonder

Canadien singer/songwriter Daniel Powter who stayed at the No 1 spot  with the song "Bad Day" on the Billboards charts for 5 weeks in 2006 was today named as decade's top one hit wonder. The criteria for an act (person/group) is chosen is that their second hit wont reach the Top 25. The songs were judged for those coming out between year 2000 - 2007.

This song was popular as the "going home" song on American Idol. Powter took a couple of years off after Bad Day before producing his next album.

To me, it is a good solid, catchy song describing an average guy/girl's day. Plus, it has a great video music featuring Samaire Armstrong. She was the only reason I watched The OC during its first season.


Dont remember which song? Here is the music video.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

FIFA Names World Footballer of The Year 2009 Nominees

FIFA have named the 5 nominees for the FIFA World Footballer of The Year 2009, which will be presented on 21st December 2009 in Zurich, Switzerland. The nominees in alphabetical order are:

Andreas Iniesta
Barcelona FC & Spain

Real Madrid & Brazil

Lionel Messi
Barcelona FC & Argentina
Midfielder/ Forward

Cristiano Ronaldo
Real Madrid & Portugal
Midfielder/ Forward

Xavi Hernandez
Barcelona FC & Spain

Clearly, it is dominated by two teams from La Liga and this shows that most of the great players are in the La Liga. Lionel Messi is the frontrunner for the award after winning the Ballon d'Or and his Barca team mate , Xavi Hernandez is a close second

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sup Gearbox - suatu nikmat.

Saya akan membiarkan gambar-gambar ini menceritakan experience saya dalam menghabiskan sup gerabox hasil dari korban pada tempoh hari.

 Daging lembut setelah di peram setengah hari di dalam sup

Sum-sum tulang yang hanya tunggu di sedut 

Gearbox yang hanya menunggu untuk di makan

Setelah daging-daging di habiskan

Gearbox yang hanya tinggal tulang

Silalah berkongsi pengalaman anda dengan sup gearbox. Di kedai mana yang sedap dan pengalaman anda menghabiskannya.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Breasts Staring Increases the Lifespan of Men (a researched finding)

(as printed in The Star, Saturday 5th December 2009, page N52)

Yup! Finally, we men have proof now (and a good documented reason) whenever we men are caught ogling or staring or mezmerised by a woman's chest or buxom or breasts or...hehehe...I'm just getting a wee bit excited now.

A German reseach that was published in the New England Journal of Medicine (yup, this journal really does exist) showed that men who stare or ogle or watch with fascination (there I go again getting excited..hahaha) at woman's breasts for at least 10 minutes a day is equivalent to a 30 minute gym workout. Damn! I always knew there was a better way to get fit rather than going to the gym, but on the other hand, the gym is the place to be , if you know what I mean..hehehe (again, excuse me..excitement = me).

 This kid will have a long life. He is starting young. Lucky boy.

The research team had spent 5 years doing research on 200 men. Results showed that men staring at women's breasts have lower blood pressure, suffer less cardiovascular diseases and slower heart rate. The head researcher, Dr. Karen Weatherby (a lady some more!) says that sexual desire ensured better blood circulation and led to better health.

I have a few questions for this Dr. Weatherby. They are as follows:
  1. Why wasn't I inform about this research? I would've gladly be one of the 200 participants. I even pay you to get in.
  2. Do the breasts need to be covered or not covered? In any ways, I am happy.
  3. Does the size of the boobs influence how long or longer your lifespan will be? I need to know this. Its a matter of life or death damnit!
  4. So, I need to this everyday? (Refer to the picture below)

I need to do this 30-minutes a day? I'll do it another 30 if it helps me live longer

(no boobs were harmed during the posting of this article)

Spesis bodoh dan pendek akal yang merosakkan pemikiran wanita muda

Terdapat satu spesis manusia yang selalunya terdiri di kalangan kaum Hawa (selalunya kakak-kakak atau makcik-makcik yang dah berumahtangga) yang suka menyebarkan cerita-cerita atau mitos-mitos tentang alam perkahwinan yang tidak benar kepada perempuan yang nak jejak alam perkahwinan.

Di antara mitos-mitos ini ialah:
  • "malam pertama" @ (first night) alam perkahwinan adalah menyakitkan dan berdarah teruk bagi perempuan dan selalunya akan lebih sakit selepas itu.
  • kalau nak beranak biarlah hospital swasta sebab layanan hospital kerajaan (atau government) tidak lah bagus.
  • kalau nak anak berkulit cerah & gebu, minumlah soya banyak-banyak semasa mengandung,
  • pilihlah lelaki yang kaya raya & berpangkat tinggi, hidup pasti senang-lenang.
  • jangan biar suami atau bakal lelaki kelihatan menarik, biarlah gemuk dan hodoh sebab nanti perempuan lain terpikat. Tak nak bermadu atau di tinggalkan untuk perempuan lain.

Terdapat berberapa lagi mitos atau pemikiran fantasi golongan ini yang tak sempat saya letakkan di sini sebab saya kekadang rasa golongan ini patut di maki hamun sahaja di hadapan khalayak ramai. Mereka ini hanya ingin menjadikan perkara-perkara di atas sensasi & ingin menunjukkan mereka lebih berpengalaman tetapi yang ternyatanya mereka hanya menyukarkan permulaan hidup berumahtangga bagi wanita-wanita muda & indirectly pada suami-suami muda juga.

Di sini saya ingin memberi beberapa pernyataan balas atau counter remarks pada mitos sebaran kaum pendek akal yang saya letak di atas:
  • "malam pertama" atau "first night" pada awalnya sedikit pedih tetapi bukan utk selama2nya. selepas si suami dapat "masuk" dan dapat "rentak", ia satu perkara yang indah dan nikmat utk pasangan pengantin baru. Tak percaya? Tanya lah isteri saya.

senyuman menceritakan segalanya..kepuasan

  • hospital swasta & hospital kerajaan sama sahaja layanannya. Bezanya hospital swasta lebih mahal dan cekik darah. Saya berpengalaman di mana saya dan isteri terpaksa menunggu selama 4 jam (9.30 pagi hingga 1.30 petang) utk check up monthly kehamilan isteri saya. Lepas tu kena charge ratusan ringgit. What the fu*k??!! Hospital kerajaan mungkin lebih cepat & charge medical bill hanya separuh, maybe sesuku dari hospital swasta.

Hospital kerajaan pun bagus ..kebanyakkannya lebih bagus dari swasta
  • no offense to my dark skin readers, minumlah bertong-tong susu soya pun, kalau Tuhan nak bagi anak berkulit gelap, berkulit gelaplah dia.
Minum soya boleh jadikan anak berkulit cerah?? Nonesense!!!
  • lelaki kaya & berpangkat tinggi tak semestinya menjanjikan kebahagiaan. Di sini, yang penting ialah pegangan agama dan budi bahasa si lelaki. Status kewangan juga memang penting. Biarlah ada kerja tetap dan stabil serta berkemampuan. Itu sudah cukup.
  • kalau biar lelaki gemuk dan hodoh, nanti mugnkin cepat mati atau nanti si isteri sendiri tak selera utk sex. Kalau si suami berstamina dan handsome (kemas & segak), hubungan suami isteri mesti lagi best.
Itu adalah counter remarks saya pada mitos-mitos sebaran si kaum kakak-kakak dan makcik-makcik yang takde kerja lain selain dari mejadikan perkara-perkara kecil ini sensasi dan hanya ingin menjadikan hidup mereka lebih interesting padahal poyo dan hampeh.

Insaflah wahai kakak2 & makcik2. Carilah kerja lain selain dari memenuhkan kepala bakal si isteri dgn perkara2 yang tak berguna. Cuba bantu dan beri nasihat seperi hormatilah, taat & patuh pada suami yang bertanggungjawab & baik . Layanilah suami dengan baik kerana insya'Allah layanan yang sama akan di terima semula oleh si isteri.

P/S: Posting entry ini di letakkan selepas terpaksa menunggu selama 4 jam di hospital swasta dan di kenakan bill pregnancy check yang beratusan ringgit.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Whats the fuss with Twilight & New Moon

The latest movie from the Twilight series, New Moon came out last week. So far I have successfully avoided from being dragged by the missus to see this potentially 2 hours waste of my life on earth. She already wasted almost 3 hours of it by making me watch Babylon A.D. Babylon what?? Yes, exactly. The main attraction for her to watch that "3 hours that I wont ever get back" movie was the bald guy that was also in The Fast and The Furious.

3 hour snooze-fest movie

The bald guy from The Fast & The Furious

My friends especially the guys are totally against this movie. Even my boss calls it a freaking gay movie. Back to my friends. Some of my comrades have fallen due to being enticed by their better halves. There is no way a guy with an ounce of self respect, a pair of cahonas and the right set of brain matter in between his two ears would ever voluntarily watch a movie showing two guys being played by a pale skin girl.

I know the attraction or pull of the New Moon movie to the females but I dont get it when some guys can say "its an interesting movie" or "damn good movie". WTF?!!. Come on guys. Just admit it. You were duped & seduced to watch this movie by your gfs or wife. End of story. Your dignity and right to continue to exist in the male world is still safe. Well, with me anyways.

One of the NATS (visit brothers, Bozord put up a spoof poster proclaiming the idiocy of this movie. To me, the spoof poster just says it all.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lionel Messi honoured to receive Ballon d'Or 2009 Award

Argentina and Barcelona superstar was awarded the Ballon d'Or for 2009 taking over from last year's winner Portuguese ace Cristiano Ronaldo. He won 473 of the 480 of the votes to win the award from France Football Magazine. The award is done through voting among the world's top football journalists.

He has taken up all top 3 places since debuted at No 3 in 2007, 2nd in 2008 and now being voted the best player in Europe. He mentioned that this was an honour and then wishes that the Albiceste (Argentina National team) plays the similar style as the Blaugrana (Barca) and that Argentina legend and current coach, Diego Armando Maradona is his only football idol.

2008 Ballon d'Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo

Second place was won by Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi's Barcelona teammate, Xavi Hernandes took third.

Messi is the favourite to win the FIFA's World Player of The Year award but he is not in the running for NATS Players' Choice Best Player of The Year award. The NATS award is the most prestigious award that can be won by any footballer.

The NATS Players' Choice Best Player of The Year award is awarded through voting among NATS members and they cannot vote for themselves. That is why it the second most prestigious award after the World Cup.

Introducing NATS (

 Our NATS logo

Apa itu NATS? NATS adalah singkatan utk Nak Atau Tak Saje, iaitu satu kumpulan kawan2 & rakan yang asalnya di tubuhkan oleh kawan2 lama yang dahulunya bersekolah menengah bersama2 di Shah Alam Seksyen 2. Blog NATS beralamat

Bermula dengan permainan futal pada setiap hari ahad selama dua jam, kumpulan ini juga melakukan aktiviti seperti menyambut hari jadi ahli2nya, perkelahan, menyambut kelahiran, board games dan apa sahaja yang dapat mengekalkan keakraban ahli2 nya dan insya'Allah kekal hingga ke anak cucu (macam marriage pulak). Semua kawan2 lelaki & perempuan ibarat adik-beradik. Pertengkaran, gelak tawa dan kesedihan di kongsi bersama.

 Picture courtesy of

NATS di tubuhkan untuk meceriakan keadaan, kekalkan & rapatkan persahabatan. Bak kata Zul, untuk mengekalkan ke"happening"an ahli2 NATS.

Saya sebagai salah seorang ahli AJK NATS berharap NATS dapat di majukan dengan lebih kuat teguh dan lebih seronok.

NATS Family at My Wedding .....they are my other family

Sunday, November 29, 2009

United close the gap to Chelsea with win over Pompey

Wazza wheeling off to celebrate his second goal

A Wayne Rooney hat-trick and a peach of a free kick from Giggsy capped off a solid performance by Manchester United in their chase to close the gap with Chelsea. Portsmouth scored their goal from the penalty spot from Kevin Prince Boateng after a dodgy decision by the linesman. United won the match 4 - 1 on Avram Grant's 1st game in charge at Fratton Park.

Giggsy celebrating his 100th EPL goal and Utd's 4th with hattrick hero Wazza

Giggsy was the man of the match in my eyes as he constantly terrorised the Pompey defence and it was a fitting birthday present for the United legend who will celebrate his 36th birthday today.

Bullard's Celebration of The Season

Bullard re-enacting Phil Brown's half time on the pitch team talk

Also, the celebration from Jimmy Bullard was the best goal celebration by far this season. He mocked the telling off done by his manager at Hull, Phil Brown at the same fixture last year.

Phil Brown's infamous on pitch half time team talk from last season

My Posting is In The Top 10 of Innit @ Nuffang

Thank you Innit @ Nuffnang. Thank you too to the readers and visitors to my posting that made it a Top 10 at Innit. I did not know that a simple posting would put me into the Top 10.

If you are wondering which posting it is.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tune Talk Reaches 200,000th Subscribers. Now We're Talking!

Tune Talk, the newest prepaid mobile service with the lowest rates (22 sen per minute calls & 5 sen per sms to all networks) last week reached its 200,000th subscriber since its launch on 19th August 2009. We had a party to celebrate this at Souled Out Restaurant & Bar at Desa Sri Hartamas.

 Souled Out Restaurant & Bar at Desa Sri Hartamas

Jason Lo, our CEO at Tune Talk presented the lucky 100,000th & 200,000th subscriber with prizes and then had a press conference to mark this occassion. J mentioned that we are targeting to achieve our 400,00th sub by year end.

Jason attending to questions posed by the Press

Prize presentation to the lucky winners....congrats!

I did not stay long after the press oncference and prize giving as I had to fetch my very pregnant wife from work. But I did get to have some of the food and mingled with some guest before making my way. Here are some pictures from the event.


Now I know who not to go against if there is a limbo rock contest..hehe....

Does look a little bit like Nas and acting like him, dont you think?

 "Bo, there are some nice chicks here, *grin*", says Ed.

That really looks like Khairil, dont you think?

Me with Ed. "Dude, what are you pointing at?"

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