Friday, December 4, 2009

Whats the fuss with Twilight & New Moon

The latest movie from the Twilight series, New Moon came out last week. So far I have successfully avoided from being dragged by the missus to see this potentially 2 hours waste of my life on earth. She already wasted almost 3 hours of it by making me watch Babylon A.D. Babylon what?? Yes, exactly. The main attraction for her to watch that "3 hours that I wont ever get back" movie was the bald guy that was also in The Fast and The Furious.

3 hour snooze-fest movie

The bald guy from The Fast & The Furious

My friends especially the guys are totally against this movie. Even my boss calls it a freaking gay movie. Back to my friends. Some of my comrades have fallen due to being enticed by their better halves. There is no way a guy with an ounce of self respect, a pair of cahonas and the right set of brain matter in between his two ears would ever voluntarily watch a movie showing two guys being played by a pale skin girl.

I know the attraction or pull of the New Moon movie to the females but I dont get it when some guys can say "its an interesting movie" or "damn good movie". WTF?!!. Come on guys. Just admit it. You were duped & seduced to watch this movie by your gfs or wife. End of story. Your dignity and right to continue to exist in the male world is still safe. Well, with me anyways.

One of the NATS (visit brothers, Bozord put up a spoof poster proclaiming the idiocy of this movie. To me, the spoof poster just says it all.

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