Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy 40th Birthday Sesame Street !!!


Happy 40th Birthday Sesame Street!!! Yup. On 9th November, which also happens to be my birthday, marks four decades of Sesame Street entertaining and educating children all across the world. I was first introduced to this great instituiton when ibu was studying for her MBA in the USA. Those were the days when tv were safe and would be a reliable baby sitter.

I still remember Kimi and I spending the whole hour in front of the television, being entertained by a group of characters called "muppets" consisting of a big yellow bird (Big Bird), a green gouchy one that lives in a trash can (Oscar), a blue muppet monster that loves cookies ( Cookie Monster) and the list goes on.

I learned a lot from Sesame Street. How to count (Count Von Count), how to "follow the arrow" (the song sometimes play in my head whenever I exit shopping malls..hehe) and how to be kind and generous.
Here are some of my favourite muppets which were my teachers and friends:

Name: Big Bird
Description: 8-foot 2-inch yellow bird
Likes: Singing, roller skates and making people feel better
Dislikes: Making mistakes
Favourite Toy: Radar, his teddy bear

Name: Elmo
Description: Friendly, cheerful red monster
Likes: Playing, learning and looking at books.
Pet: Dorothy, pet goldfish.

Name: Cookie Monster
Description: Blue, shaggy and loves cookies.
Favourites: Loves to eat crunchy fruits, vegetables and of course cookies

Name: Ernie (left)
Description: Bert's best buddy

Likes: Baths with Rubber Ducky & annoy Bert.
Favourite Toy: Rubber Ducky

Name: Bert
Description: Ernie's long suffering sidekick.
Dislikes: Being the butt of Ernie's jokes.

But my favourite muppet is:

Name: Oscar the Grouch
Description: Green, scruffy and lives in a trash can.
Likes: Collecting junk, arguing and rainy days.
Favourite Expression: "SCRAM"

Oscar is cool and tells it how it is. That's why he is my favourite. What is yours?

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