Friday, November 6, 2009

You don't have enough balls in you

As usual some of us at Tune Talk would go down to the mamak in front of the office to have afternoon tea. This time we'll name her Betty. Betty bought some kuih and told us to share it with her as she bought them especially for sharing. She brought the kuih and instantly said to Nas "Nas, take some banana balls. You dont have enough balls inside of you". All of us at the table burst into laughter while Betty got blank faced and asked , "What??!!".

Nas asked her, "
What did you call those things again?" Betty again said, "Banana balls"!!. Again the group wailed in laughter and leaving Betty red.

You guys wanna know what banana balls are? Here you go...

Cekodok Pisang aka Banana Balls

If you feel you need some "balls", get some cekodok pisang or like Annie calls em' banana balls...hehehe..

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  1. So Betty is actually Annie la. Hahaha!


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