Sunday, November 22, 2009

Most Annoying Malaysian Road Habits

The Malaysian Insider today published the results of a poll created by the Malaysians Unite for Road Safety (MUFORS) {}which sees tailgating and drivers not using their indicator/signal lights as the top two most annoying habits that Malaysian drivers do on our roads with a percentage of 11.2% each.

Other habits that were mentioned by people that took part in the poll were Mat Rempits (didnt know this was a habit) with 9%, road hogging with 8.8%. More habits that were mentioned illegal U-turns, driving on emergency lanes, speeding, beating the traffic light and talking on the handphone while driving.

But they left out one more habit that is really annoying. Yup. You guessed it. Its queue jumping.

This is a common site when you approach a junction, toll booths and during traffic jams. Usually, these "jumpers" would just speed by you, slow down and in a blink of an eye jump in front of you. Some with less skill would just slow down, drive slowly beside and when you look at them, they'll just buat dunno or buat bodoh aje like we dont exist.

I usually get this at the junction approaching Bangsar coming from Section 16 (using the Sprint Highway). Like the others, I would patiently (using this term loosely) queue up then all of a sudden a car or two cars passes by and jump in front.

Those unlucky jumpers (again using it loosely) that would not be able to get into the queue and will create a massive build up on the next lane. Two lanes would then be reduced to one. Sometimes accidents would happen and this will create a MAJOR...i mean MAJOR traffic jam.

Its not a race, gender or generation problem but rather a national problem. Our nation would not be able to truly call itself a developed country when it continues to practice 3rd world country behaviour  (even 3rd world country dont do this) on the roads. Think about it. Are you one of these annoying people?

List of 10 Annoying Malaysian Road Habits
  1. Tailgating
  2. Not using signal lights or indicators when changing lanes.
  3. Using handphone while driving (texting & calling).
  4. Illegal U-Turns.
  5. Queue jumping.
  6. Speeding.
  7. Driving on emergency lanes.
  8. Mat Rempits.
  9. Running the red lights.
  10. Slowing down to look at accident/crashes (even thought its on the other side of the road)
If you think that I left out some from the list, please add on.


    1. haha.. dont know whether they're happening at other countries..but malaysia sure has it all =D

    2. yeah bro...just have to live with it.


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