Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tune Talk Futsal: The Rematch

Tune Talk Old Farts 16
Young Tuners 10

The rematch was on right after last week's loss. The talk for the whole week among the old farts was how we would shut out the young Tuners and the sweet taste of victory that we will have after this rematch.

This time we had a secret weapon that was not available during our 1st match, that was Jason Lo aka J Lo, who is our boss at Tune Talk. He was itching to get even with the young Tuners. He went a bit bonkers when we told him we lost the first game and initially wanted the game to be played on Friday the same week.

J Lo loosening up before kick off

The kids were giving me stick the whole week. Ribbings like, "How does it feel to lose?" ,"How old do you feel?" and the best one "Abang, are you ready to lose again on Monday?" from the kids just G'd me up more for the match.

Matchday came on Monday. I got in the morning but I still went to work just to get to play in the match. That was how bersemangat I was.When I got to the office, the guys were already noticing that I was sick and told me to go back and rest. Jason saw me & said to me, "see the doc,sleep it off and then come back for the game". Boy, was I glad to hear that cos' I couldn't even keep my eyes open. So, I went back and got some shut eye.

The match came around. The smack talk and stare downs mean nothing now. It was a now to do the talking on the pitch. I got a bit well but not totally. Just enough to get to the pitch.

Me doing the sumo-stretch during the warm up.....

Early on, the old farts started to stamp their authority on the match. The young Tuners were just being bounced all over the place. It was not a surprise to see the old farts taking a sizeable lead at 7 - 3 after half an hour of play. Jason, Edmond, Ari and Dennis were the top performers for the team.

"That guy at the other court looks cute huh Veron", says Annie.

Then a few changes among the Old Farts team gave the young Tuners the chance to get back into the game and it was 10-9 at one point.

The heat of the game got a bit too much for the young Tuners Captain Marvel, Darren as he got a bit annoyed with some of his team mates. This was just where we wanted them. Under pressure and bikering among themselves. Easy meat.

"Get your bums moving, you old timers you", says Jason".

Ari & Edmond were terrorising the young Tuner's defence and Dennis was keeping tight at the back by marking Darrent closely. Alfie and Jason Ramesh were stopping everything that were thrown to them.

Nasron, Kharil, SK, Adie and I took turns with the 1st five whenever they needed to get some air.

Then, the old farts got a second wind (some of it came out the other end, if you know what I mean) and we scored a few more goals and made the final score 16 - 10. Game over.

At the end, the victory was ours. It was sweet. The young Tuners played well but they knew they had come up against a solid and eager TT Old Farts team.

A 3rd deciding game is surely on the cards (set for another 2 weeks time as this is being written) to finally decide who is the best team in Tune Talk. Bring em' on!

The TT Old Farts Team: Jason Ramesh, Alfie, Edmond, Jason Lo, SK, Nasron, Adie, Bo, Ari and Dennis.


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