Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bo Is Getting Fluffier By The Day

I stood in front of the mirror this morning with all my crowning glory self and realised something that I really did not want to admit. I am getting fluffier by the day! Damn man! Its getting so ridiculous to see me turning into a blimp.

I hope my "fluffy"ness doesnt get to a point where I resemble this guy;

Gabriel Iglesias is very proud of his "fluffy"ness. All the power to him, man. He is a damn hillarious fluffy latino.

But for me with my futsal and tennis, the extra weight would not help. My pregnant wife also maybe is contributing to my added weight as she is "wanting" to eat stuff but usually cannot finish it off. So, I will be the "cleaning crew" or Majlis Bandaraya to finish off the food as she does not want it to go to waste. Yeah, lame excuse but thats the reality of things.

If anyone out there can give some suggestions on how to curb my new found "fluffy" ness, I am all ears.

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