Sunday, November 15, 2009

Alexxis Midvalley Garden......28th Birthday of Bo is a Nerd

The Shah Alam clan & friends gathered at Alexxis Midvalley Gardens to celebrate "November Babies Birthday". The celebrated ones were Amru, Lisa, Wafi and myself. The usual suspects were there; Shahrul + Surini, Zul + Mazlina, Amru+Siti, Fariz+Lisa, Soraya+Razlan+the girls, Wafi, Jazdee  and finally me and wifey, Azhani. Special mention to Zul+Mazlina & Shahrul+Surini for organizing a great celebration. Thanks guys. Can really feel the love and feel very much appreciated.

It was our first time at Alexxis and the place is comfy and out of the way. Its situated on the 1st Floor of Midvalley Gardens, near the Robinson's department store entrance (North Tower of The Gardens). The food was excellent and service was quick. However, the order taking could do with some improvement where the servers just put the food on the table without knowing which meal is for which person. Best example was when Wafi's pizza came and without knowing, the pizza was meant for Soraya instead of Wafi. By the time Wafi wolfed down the pizza (with the help of Zul, Jazdee and myself), the mistakes was then only realised.

Wafi's Pizza (or was it Soraya's??) 

Back to the celebration, I had the Sirloin Steak Grilled Sandwich and Azhani had the Nasi Kerabu Alexxis Special. Both dishes were tasty.

 Grilled Sirloin Steak Sandwich

 Alexxis Nasi Kerabu Fried Rice

We then exchanged birthday gifts. Shahrul gave me a Del Piero Juventus jersey. It was great and awesome as it came from Italy (that was what Shahrul said). 

 Shahrul+Surini's Gift

Amru+Siti gave a big bouquet of flowers as my birthday gift  (go figure) which Azhani really liked (me too!)

Amru+Siti's Gift

Fariz+Lisa gave a birthday card with a sweet message in it.

Fariz+Lisa's Gift
Then came the chocolate cheese birthday cake; which is  the way I like my cheese cake to be. Chocolatey. Nice.

Yummy Chocolate Cheese Cake

All in all it was a great get together and fun seeing the guys (outside the futsal court of course). Next event will be NATS Family Day at Janda Baik. Just can't wait.

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