Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Adrianna Tan....of

I had an interesting lunch meeting today with a fellow blogger  who also travels and is an avid ice cream lover. She is Adrianna Tan, the owner/author for, a 24 year old lass from Singapore who has been travelling independently since she was 18 years old. She holds a bachelors degree from Management University of Singapore in Political Science.

Adrianna (left) having a chat with Nasron

I initially did not want to go as I thought it was just another boring talk where the talker would be telling about her experience and giving advices on blogging and whatsoever. I still went there tor the sake of accompanying a collegue to the luncheon that was set up Tune Hotels at  Shyet Li's Kopitiam in Jaya 33 PJ. Boy, was I grateful I went as the stories on her travels and experiences along the way was an eye opener and re-ignited my dream to travel at least within Asia. On top of that, I had a free lunch. Thanks to Margaret and Tune  Hotels for picking up the bill.

She is currently in Malaysia with a few projects of her own. Her latest and personal favourite project is introducing a new brand of local gourmet ice-cream in Malaysia where she is currently testing the market and creating new flavours that are more connected to the local tastebuds. I would really like to see whether she can squeeze in Lychee Sourbet into her list of flavours. That would be really cool. Pun intended.

I would like to wish her all the success on her future travels and projects. Also would really love to sit down some day and exchange some ideas and stories. If that can't happen, then maybe being offered a place on the ice-cream tasting panel would be a great consolation prize ;)

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