Monday, November 16, 2009

Tune Talk Futsal Team

It was called the Match of The Titans. The Golden Oldies Versus The Young Upstarts.

The match came about after the Upstarts team asked for a futsal match with the Golden Oldies. Never backing out of a challenge, the Golden Oldies accepted the challenge and set Monday, 5:30 pm as the date and time of the match of gigantic propotions. The venue was Sportcity Section 13 PJ.
The day of reckoning arrived. The buzz througout the Tune Talk office was only on the match and also whether the area where Annie and Nas sat was Perv-ville, where all the pervs of the office stay. It was decided, yes, it is indeed Perv-ville and Edmond is the Mayor of Perv-ville.

Back to the match. Everyone got ready and were raring to go. The first 5 of the Golden Oldies were Alfie, Dennis, Edmond, Lee and Bo. The match was back and forth. Each team cancelling out each other. Becoming an interesting match. Along the way, a few of the Golden Oldies fell off to the side, badly. Their wind knocked out of them. The Young Upstarts meanwhile were fresh like daisies.

The final 5 from the Golden Oldies that were left were Bo, Edmond, SK, Alfie and Lee. Gallantly putting everything into winning the match but with only 5 minutes remaining with the score tied at 7-7, the Young Upstarts scored the decisive goal to win the match and make it 8-7.

A rematch is almost on the cards as the Golden Oldies will be there. and ready to do some ass kicking (literally). The question is, are the Young Upstarts ready?

P/s: Special note to all the players that poured their hearts and guts in ensuring we did not get trashed:
Adie, Alfie, Arie, Khairil, Edmond, SK, Lee, Nas, Jason Ramesh, Bo & Dennis.


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