Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm sorry...

Sorry guys. Not been able to update my blog and visit all of your blogs. Really been swamped with work at the office, the baby and the new house stuff.

Will promise to get back into the groove of it once most of these things clear up. Catch you guys later!

P/s: Don't stop visiting me and I'll return the visit.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Feeling the Monday Blues?

Are you feeling the the Monday blues? Take a look at this picture of my son, Kaisan and I'll bet you it'll go away. It works for me anyways.

NOW! That's a smile!

If you don't at least smile after looking at him smiling, then something is seriously wrong with you. Have a great week ahead guys!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

World Cup 2010 Final Ball Sold for USD$74,000

Gold Jabulani World Cup 2010 used in the Netherlands vs Spain Final match

The specially made Gold Jabulani ball used in Netherlands - Spain Final match in the just concluded FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa went up for auction yesterday on eBay.

The ball which was criticized by players and officials, even Iker Casillas likened the ball to a "Supermarket Ball" due to its unpredictability fetched USD$74,000 or GBP 48,000. The proceeds from the auction went to the 46664 AIDS/HIV Fund which was named after Nelson Mandela's prison number. 

World Celebrate International Mandela Day as he turns 92

Nelson Mandela turns 92 on Sunday

Anti-apartheid and global humanitarian icon, Nelson Mandela turns 92 on Sunday, as the whole world celebrates it together with him.

Global leaders in and out of South Africa and also ordinary people have took 67 minutes out of their day today to mark the number of years this great man was involved in politics. His birthday was recognized by the United Nations (UN) in 2009 as Nelson Mandela International Day.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Steve Jobs mempertahankan kelemahan iPhone 4

 CEO Apple, Steve Jobs menerangkan pada media tentang kelemahan iPhone 4 di ibu pejabat Apple di Cuppertino, California.

CEO Apple, Steve Jobs mempertahankan kelemahan iPhone 4 yang baru di lancarkan beberapa bulan lepas dalam satu sidang media di ibu pejabat Apple di Cuppertino, California. Apple berjaya menjual 3 juta iPhone 4 sejak ia di lancarkan.  Kelemahan edisi terbaru iPhone ini dimana talian akan terputus atau pengguna tidak boleh web surfing apabila iPhone 4 ini di pegang dalam cara tertentu. Pegangan ini kini di panggil "Deathgrip".

Ini kerana antena iPhone 4 ini terletak pada bucu bawah kiri. Design terbaru ini bertujuan untuk mengurangkan kesesakan dalam badan iPhone 4 itu tetapi telah menyebabkan penerimaan signal terganggu. Jobs mengatakan tiada telefon yang sempurna. Blackberry & HTC juga mempunyai kelemahan masing-masing.

iPhone 4

Apple menawarkan casing plastik (bumper casing) yang dapat membantu mengelak reception terputus kepada pengguna yang tidak berpuas hati dan akan memulangkan semula duit kepada pengguna iPhone 4 yang inginkan semula wang kerana tidak berpuas hati dengan iPhone 4 mereka.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

5 Sen Hike in Petrol Price?

Oil rush

I got a surprising YM message from a friend, "Bo, malam ni isi minyak. Naik 5 sen" (Bo, fill up your car tonight. Price going up 5 sen). Rumors have been going around that the petrol prices will go up and even our Government have mentioned that indeed there will be a price hike in petrol.

So, what will you guys do? Join the queue to fill up on petrol (at the same time, burn more petrol) or just accept it and carry on as usual? I was lucky to fill up this afternoon (before the YM message)..hehehe. Lucky me I guess.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cheque Nuffnang Datang Lagi!

Alhamdulillah. Cheque Nuffnang yang ke-8 dah aku terima Jumaat yang lepas. Memang tepat waktu penghantarannya, 30 hari selepas cashout request. Walaupun kali ini jumlah cashout aku rendah berbanding bulan-bulan yang lalu, aku masih puas hati sebab dapat maintain cashout tiap-tiap bulan (bulan Jun pun dah cashout). 

Tapi nampak gayanya duit ni dapat pada Muhammad Kaisan untuk beli baby clothes dia..hehehe...untung betul dia.

Thanks Nuffnang!

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Spanish Are Champions!

San Iker lifts the World Cup...& as usual Sepp Blatter butts in..sheeshh!

The World Cup ended yesterday after a really dramatic final match between the Dutch and the Spaniards. Andreas Iniesta finally ended it all in the 115th minute. Fifteen cards were branded by English referee, Howard Webb with him sending off John Heitinga after two yellow cards.

The win puts Spain as the 8th country to ever win the World Cup and also ends the label that they are bottlers when it comes to the big stage.

Overall, I think the World Cup as an event this time did not lived up to my expectations but in the end, the best team on the planet won. Congrats Spain!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Paul tells who you should put your squids on

Don't be a fool, put your money on the Spanish to win it

Paul the Octopus has predicted that Spain will be the winner in the FIFA 2010 World Cup South Africa Final match against Holland.

Paul has a 100% record when choosing the matches where Germany were involved. His predictions were that good that even the bookies were using it to set the odds. 

Let's see whether he maintains his 100% record and I bet your top dollar that he'll fetch a high sum if he is on the money.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Adsense paid me again!

I got paid! Yup, Google Ads paid me again (this is my second payment) within 3 months. I got my first payment in April (READ HERE).

This time I got paid USD 112.77 and when I exchanged it, I got back RM361.90. I am fine with that. At least I can pay for Astro & Streamyx.

Adsense Notification through Payment History page

Western Union Money Transfer (Receiving) Form

Again, I cashed out using Western Union Money Transfer. Easy and quick. Within 10 minutes the cold hard cash was in my hands. 

Thanks Google. I'm waiting for this month's payment, which by the way is much more than this one. So, don't let me down Google, I know you won't.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Argies got spanked by zee Germans..

Friedrich celebrates his goal with Klose, Muller & Mertesacker

The Albiceleste were royally spanked by the very entertaining Germans in their FIFA World Cup 2010 quarter finals encounter. They were soundly beaten 4 - 0 with goals from Muller (3'), Klose (68' & 89') and Friedrich (74'). Lionel Messi was kept at bay while Tevez although plowing hard as usual could not breach the Germans sound the defence.

A non factor in the World Cup clash

Muller and Oezil again were the main players in the German team but Bastian Schweinsteiger was the one pulling  the strings in the German midfield. He was chosen as the Man of The Match by FIFA. 

This loss might signal the end to Argentinian legend, Diego Maradona's reign in charge of Argentina. However, one good thing came out of this loss, we won't have to see him running through the streets naked as he promised earlier if the team won this year's World Cup.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Birthdays @ Tune Talk

Every 2 months the Tune Talk family will celebrate the birthdays of their own. This time are the celebration of May & June babies. Those being celebrated were Nas (4th June), Uma (26th May) & Wye Meng (19th June).

Jason also did the honors of giving Noor her very early wedding present. Congrats Noor in advance!

Birthday babies Wye Meng, Nas & Uma

Food prepared by Noor & Nadia were really tasty. We had curry puffs, chicken pot pies, curry puff sticks, mee hoon goreng, kuey tiow goreng and the best of them all, the World Cup themed cupcakes. Well, everyone sang, ate and drank. A blast of a time. Enjoy the pictures.

 World Cup themed cupcakes with their names
Puffs which made my belly & cheeks puff
All smiles
Jason starts the singing...all together now!
Nas blowing the candles out
Opening their presents
Nas with his bday gift..a Renoma Up cap
Jason presenting Noor with her wedding present

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kaisan supporter Italy rupanya..

Ini riak muka Kaisan masa kami tengah tengok game Italy lawan Slovakia hari tu.Kecewa betul dia bila Italy terkeluar.

Memang fokus dia tengok game

"Itu pun boleh miss?" Mungkin itu kata Kaisan

Masih terkejut Italy dah terkeluar dari World Cup 2010

Duit Extra Guna Telefon aje...

Empat soalan aku nak tanya kawan-kawan:
  1. Ada 10 orang kawan/saudara mara yang hendak sama-sama cari extra income?
  2. Ada RM 68 untuk modal permulaan & RM 38 setiap bulan?
  3. Pernah tak perkhidmatan telefon bimbit (Digi, Celcom, Maxis dsb) yang kawan-kawan guna sekarang pernah bagi pendapatan dalam bentuk wang kerana menggunakan line atau service diorang?
  4. Nak extra duit untuk berbelanja tiap-tiap bulan?
Aku baru masuk satu program di mana pengguna di beri ganjaran dalam bentuk duit dengan hanya menggunakan telefon seperti biasa. Sebab aku join program ni, sebab aku bekerja di salah satu syarikat telefon mobile kat Malaysia yang baru di lancarkan (cubalah korang teka yang mana satu).

Program ni bukan Multi Level Marketing (MLM) tapi satu program referral. Korang hanya perlu masuk program ini dan menggunakan talian telefon seperti biasa. Kita boleh pilih samada nak maintain number yang di gunakan sekarang atau guna number baru.

Kalau ada yang berminat, boleh lah contact Bo melalui cara-cara di bawah:
  • (Boleh juga untuk chat)
  • 019-259 1379
  • Lawatilah Kalau berminat, sila hubungi saya.

    Insya'Allah, program ini boleh bagi extra income dan kalau ada yang lebih rajin, kebebasan kewangan.Cubalah dengar penjelasan dahulu dan fikirkan. Tiada salahnya untuk kita tahu dahulu sebelum menolak. Mana tahu, ada rezeki di sini.

    Monday, June 21, 2010

    Bo is a Nerd is Featured!!

    Terima kasih kepada Hidayah kerana meletakkan blog Bo is a Nerd sebagai Featured Blog for The Day. Ini pertama kali Bo is a Nerd mendapat penghargaan macam ni. Penghargaan macam ini yang buat aku semakin rajin untuk meneruskan usaha blogging aku.

    Kawan-kawan boleh lah melawat blog Hidayah dengan klik pada link di bawah.

    Sunday, June 20, 2010

    Pandai-pandailah Bajet....


    RM RM
    Blog & other Side Income

    Tolak: Belanja Tetap
    Savings 350
    Rumah 2100
    Parents 600
    Minyak,tol & parking 1200
    Loans 1565
    Hiburan & Sukan 300 6115

    *Bajet di atas ini hanyalah rekaan semata-mata. Bukan bajet bulanan Bo is a Nerd yang sebenar.*

    Selalu aku dengar kawan-kawan cakap "tak sampai 5 hari gaji, dah habis. Camner nih?" tapi yang paling berat aku nak dengar & selalunya aku buat tak tahu aje, "Bo, boleh pinjam aku sen tak? Gaji dah habis nih." Kalau aku dengar ayat nih, aku senyum aje. Memang aku takde nak kasi pinjam. Bukannya boleh percaya orang akan bayar balik nih.

    Tak nak jadi camnie..

    Alhamdulillah, setakat ni aku masih lagi ada problem ni walaupun aku dah berkeluarga. Bukan nak berlagak atau sombong, tapi aku dari Form 1 lagi aku dah di ajar untuk bajet oleh ayah aku yang bagi aku duit elaun RM 50 sebulan. Itu pandai-pandailah bajet untuk buku, makan waktu rehat & jolly-jolly.

    Kebaikan bajet duit bulanan ni:
    • Tahu mana duit kita pergi.
    • Tahu mana benda yang yang penting & tak penting.
    • Boleh simpan-simpan sikit untuk beli barang yang best atau untuk hari susah.
    • Elakkan dari sengkek/kering dan meminjam dari orang.
    Cara aku bajet selalunya, aku akan ambil dulu duit gaji yang di tetapkan untuk saving & masukkan ke akaun yang susah untuk akses cam Tabung Haji ke, ASB ke. Lepas tu bayar hutang-hutang yang sepatutnya (kereta, rumah, kredit kad dll). Alih-alih, nak dekat akhir bulan, ada lagi duit lebih. Duit tu aku tak jolly habis tapi aku simpan separuh & belanja family aku makan best sikit. Kena hidup jugak, mana boleh kedekut aje selalu.

    Kalau kata ada barang yang kita nak beli, memang dah lama mengidam, masukkan sekali benda tu dalam bajet sebagai contohnya "Tabung Playstation 3". Lama-lama simpan mesti dapat punya. Hint kepada isteri sikit..hehehe..


    So, itulah cara aku bajet belanja aku bulan-bulan dan elak dari pokai tengah-tengah bulan. Korang pulak macam mana?

    P/s: Duit banyak mana pun, tapi kalau tak berzakat & bersedekah, tak guna juga. Sila bayar zakat & rajin bersedekah ye.

    Saturday, June 19, 2010

    Penting ke berapa ramai followers kita ada?

    Aku tergerak nak tulis tentang followers blog selepas ada officemate aku tanya berapa ramai followers blog aku dan diikuti dengan komen "ramai itu aje ke followers kau. Baik tak payah blogging". Walaupun, hati panas & tangan dah ringan, aku fikir balik soalan "kawan" tadi tu, ramai atau tak followers ni penting ke?

    Kenapa orang follow blog kita? Sebab layout cantik? Entri yang memang layan atau sebab dia pun follower blog kita (balas budi punya case)? Aku terus terang cakap aku follow blogs yang memang aku suka cara penulisan dia, cara dia present blog dia dan entri blog tu. Aku tak follow membuta tuli semata-mata untuk follow.

    So, aku nak tahu, apa sebab korang follow blog orang lain and penting ke berapa ramai followers untuk satu blog?

    Wednesday, June 16, 2010

    Latest World Cup Results

    New Zealand 1 : 1 Slovakia 

    Reid equalizes for the All Whites

    The Group F opening match was held in Rustenberg. New Zealand scored an injury time equalizer through a header from Winston Reid after Slovakia themselves took the lead through a Robert Vittek header on the 50th minute.

    This result puts all the teams in Group F even on a single point after Italy and Paraguay also drew 1:1.

    Portugal 0 : 0 Ivory Coast 

     Ronaldo in action

    The Group G opening match in Port Elizabeth ended with honors even for both teams. Portugal only had only one real shot from Cristiano Ronaldo's effort that hit the post on the 11th minute.

    The drab match also saw the Elephants top socrer, Didier Drogba playing for the first time after fracturing his arm in a pre-World Cup friendly.

    Brazil 2 : 1 North Korea

    Maicon squeezes his shot in to open the scoring

    The Samba kings barely won against a defensive resilient North Korean team. The 2nd Group G match at the Ellis Park Stadium, Johannesburg saw Maicon opening the scoring on the 55th minute after a boring opening period, which the booing from the crowd almost drowned out the Vuvuzela horns. Elano then added to the score on the 72nd minute.

    The 5 times World champions were cruising to a comfortable win when Ji Yun Nam scored for the 105th ranked North Koreans on the 89th minute. This win sees Brazil topping the group followed by Portugal, Ivory Coast and the North Koreans.

    Wednesday, June 9, 2010

    Saya sokong Sepanyol World Cup team...

    Macam biasa. Aku menyokong team Sepanyol untuk World Cup 2010 South Africa. Kalau Malaysia layak World Cup (bila lah tu agaknya?), memang aku dah 100% sokong skuad negara, tapi disebabkan tak ada, aku pun sokong lah Sepanyol.

    Kenapa Sepanyol? Aku sokong diorang sejak World 2006 (sebelum-sebelum ni tak follow mana-mana team pun) sebab permainan squad ni memang teknikal dan entertaining. Cuma sayang kali ni, Raul (Real Madrid) dah tak di panggil. Kuda tua tapi still legend.

    So, itulah dia. Aku sokong Sepanyol (Spain) World Cup kali ini. Vamos Espana!!!

    Monday, June 7, 2010

    Thanks Nuffnang!

    Again, I got another cheque from Nuffnang. This will really help with the baby stuff and all. It's not cheap having a kid I tell you but it's well worth it. Check out my previous entry and you know why I say that.

    Just a bit info on my Nuffnang earnings, usually I'll let the amount accumulate for 2 months then I'll cashout. It's not that I can't cashout each month, but it's nice to see a larger amount each time. The amount is not that much but it will do.

    My advice to those who want to cashout, please do it during the last few days of the month. Try to cashout on the 28th ,29th or the very latest 30th of each month. Just forget whether its the middle of the month or you want the earnings for the following Moday to be updated. The failure to do so will make you wait for a long time to get your cheque.

    Thanks Nuffnang! You have never let me down.

    Ads by Nuffnang