Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ben Williams almost wrecks Malaysian football dream

Ben Williams doing what he knows best, brandishing cards.

Malaysian football team finally qualified to the Asian Games second round after doing it the last time 32 years ago. Congratulations to our boys for their courageous effort and spirit. Malaysia are proud of you.

However, our dreams were almost wrecked by the incompetent piece of refereeing by an Australian referee, Ben Williams. This PE teacher of a Canberra High School sent off 3 Malaysian players in the crucial match against China which ended up China winning 3-0 against a 8-men Malaysian team. Two of the sending offs were almost at the same time.

He sent off Mahuli Jasuli, captain Safiq Rahim and S. Kunalan for petty fouls. I think this was purposely done to facilitate China advancing to the 2nd round. 

Mr. Williams, please stick to your day job as a PE teacher or better still you can quit that job alltogether with being a referee and take up a job of being a clown with a big red nose because being a clown fits you better. Your performance as a referee is totally a joke and laughable and I hope you stop being a referee for the sake of football. Please heed my advice for the sake of all football fans. Thank you.

P/s: Please read Rizal Hashim's open letter to Ben Williams. It truly reflects what I wanna say if I come face to face with this piece of crap from Australia. You can click HERE to read the letter.

P/s/s: To our Malaysian Team, we are proud of the determination, energy and pride that you have shown us tonight. May you be the start of a great era in Malaysian football.


  1. Assalamualaikum...

    Sy hanya sempat menyaksikan perlawanan Malaysia menentang China pada minit ke 40++ di restoran kerana sy menyertai Karnival Usahawan 2010 di Kota Fesyen MITC, Melaka... Pada masa tu Malaysia masih lagi seri dgn China... Teruja sangat2 nak tonton lebih lama tapi kerana tugas terpaksa tengok kejap aje...

  2. Ahmad Zaki:
    Masih seri sampai half time. China hanya dapat score dalam 2nd half. Maybe pemain2 Malaysia dah penat masa tu, iyelah main 9 orang aje time tu.

  3. disappointed with referee quality level.. sampah.. unfair.huh


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