Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009.......Bring on 2010!

Year 2010 is almost here and with it a comes new challenges and experiences to look forward to. But year 2009 is the year that will always be the one that I will always cherish and remember. Let's review what happened to me in 2009.

Getting Engaged (14th December 2008)

Yeah..yeah. I know this did not happen in 2009 but this is my year review, so back off. I got engaged to a beautiful and intelligent young lady by the name of Noor Azhani Bini Shamsudin. We were office mates at Shell Shared Service Centre Kuala Lumpur.

We decided to get engaged after a very short dating period (very very short) and the engagement itself was a small family affair. It was simple but memorable with all the family around us.

Goodbye Shell, Here I Come Tune Talk! (20th April 2009)
I decided to quit working at Shell Shared Service Centre Kuala Lumpur after almost 3 years there. This is where I met my future wife, gained new experiences, made memories and also friends. However,  it was time to move on and I think it was also time for me to grow career wise.

Hi Tune Talk (5th May 2009)

After leaving Shell, I am now at Tune Talk. A young and upcoming mobile telecommunications company that will be a major player in the mobile phone network game. I am at the right place and at the right time to be part of a pioneer group of people in bringing up this company.

This is where I think I would be able to grow more in terms of my career and also as a person. Hopefully, all my plans and hopes for Tune Talk will become true.

Getting Married to Noor Azhani Binti Shamsudin (24th July 2009)

I waved goodbye to my bachelor years and opened my heart and life to Noor Azhani Binti Shamsudin, my wife. After 7 months of being engaged, we got married.

It was a very hectic and busy yet beautiful and memorable weekend in my life. It started off with the akad nikah at Azhani's place and adding to the pressure of it all, the akad was done by her dad. It was intense and nerve wrecking. But at the end of it, I got through it. At one go ONLY!!!

The two receptions at Bangi (Azhani's side) and Shah Alam (my side) was tiring but very beautiful to us. We did not feel the strain of it all as we were having the time of our life. Thank you to every one that came and also to my family that worked hard to make it happen.

Azhani is Pregnant (6th September 2009)
It was only 6 weeks after we became husband and wife. We did planned to start having a family off the bat. The news that my wife was pregnant brought excitement that I will become a dad in 2010. Insya'Allah.This is the main reason I can't wait for 2010 to come.

Our First Hari Raya together (23rd September 2009)
Last year, I celebrated Hari Raya as a single man. But this year I have someone to share the day with. I have a new family and although I miss celebrating the 1st day of Hari Raya at Taiping but that is just a small thing to miss after looking at the bigger picture. Celebrating Aidilfitri morning at Bangi then going back to Taiping right after Raya prayers. Nice.

I know I did not mention a lot of what happened in 2009 that affected the whole world like the passing of Michael Jackson but these events were the one that I will cherish most in 2009.

So, goodbye 2009 and here we come 2010...


  1. waa cantiknye pelamin..
    hee jgn lupe vote yaya no 20..kt sini

  2. Happy new year..dan selamat menjadi bapa jugak..:)!~~


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