Wednesday, December 16, 2009

10 Reasons Ramly Burger Special are better than women (humor)

A Ramly Burger is always plump and juicy,
A Ramly Burger would always be up for a double or even a threesome,
A Ramly Burger ALWAYS go down easy,
A Ramly Burger is always ready to please,
A Ramly Burger can always be taken in public,
A Ramly Burger does not to be washed before you have it,
A Ramly Burger is always there to listen and never argues,
A Ramly Burger never changes its mind,
A Ramly Burger gets out of its wrapping without a fight,
A Ramly Burger is always easy to pick up,
I love you Ramly Burger. No other burger can take your taste from me.

A Ramly Burger Special still dressed up

A Ramly Burger Special getting all wet and juicy

A Ramly Burger Special being flirtatious

Tell me how you like your Ramly Burger Special and how you love it. I love Ramly Burger!


  1. bapak2 jangan main ehhh :P hahaha

  2. alahai terliur lak tgk burger nie..hehehe

  3. trylah Burger Ramly double special...layan woo..

  4. tgk gambar pun dah layan....mane beli ni? adesss, makin lapar....bestnye burger tu...burger, ramly burger, rambly burger...*matilah en.kekaseh jatuh no.2...

  5. hadoi la..terseksa batin aku.meleleh air liur wa cakap lu.


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