Saturday, December 26, 2009

Salam Maal Hijrah 1431 Hijrah

Last week, muslims all around the world greeted the new Islamic year or Hijrah. My parents decided to have a doa selamat/kenduri arwah to welcome the new year and also to remember and sedekah some prayers to family members and friends that have left us.

The family having some grub and catching up outside.

It was a family affair and close neighbors that we considered as our extended family were also invited. My grandmother, Tok Esah also came from Taiping together with my Aunty Anom with whom she lives with. The other usual suspects were also there.

Amanina is very fond of Ayah

My in-laws (Azhani's family) also came all the way from Bangi. I do miss them especially Eiman and Eisha with whom I've grown quite attached to. Thanks for coming mak, ayah, kak Ayu, abg Man and those little two kiddos.

It is always great to get the family together. Catching up, jokes, laughter and stories were all in abundance. It's really not that hard to get them all together at one place but each other schedules is the only thing that prevents it from being it a frequent event.

Amanina munching on an orange slice and making it looking cute with ease

Great food, family was rocking as usual, weather was nice and cool, so what more can you ask for. It won't be long before another gathering will be on the cards.

Pak Lang getting laughs out from the ladies

Little Amanina being her cute self

It's tiring being a cutie pie as Amanina sleeps without a care in the world

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